Researcher Portfolio

Chua Kai Meng (Mr)
Principal Research Engineer II
Microfluidics Manufacturing
Introduction:After working in the electronics industry for 12 years, Chua Kai Meng joined SIMTech. Currently, he is a Research Fellow in Microfluidics Manufacturing Programme of SIMTech. He has over 10 years of experience in R&D for the electronics industry, in the area of electronic packaging, Hybrid Thick Film, wafer bumping and SMT.

Recent industry projects:
· LTCC development
· Lead-Free Consortium
· Flip Chip Consortium
Research Interest:Electronics packaging technology, hybrid thick film manufacturing, SMT assembly, wafer bumping and reliability analysis
BioNotes:BSc (Nanyang University, 1980)
MSc (Nanyang Technology University, 1997)

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