Researcher Portfolio

SAW Eng Toon (Dr)
Research Fellow
6510 1668
Surface Technology

Dr Saw Eng Toon received his bachelor degree and master degree from University Science Malaysia, specialising in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He continued to pursue his PhD in National University of Singapore after working as a service engineer in water and wastewater treatment industries. Prior to joining SIMTech, his working experiences include water and wastewater treatment technology development, water and wastewater treatment plant testing and commissioning, technology transfer and etc.   

Research Interest:

Catalyst development and characterisation, nanoparticle material development and characterisation, metallic and microporous membrane development, zeolite and composite membrane for solvent purification, water and wastewater treatment process development.  


PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering), National University of Singapore.

Master Degree (Environmental Engineering), University Science Malaysia.  

Bachelor Degree (Chemical Engineering), University Science Malaysia.



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Conference Presentation:

  1. E T Saw, K  Hidajat, S  Kawi, The Role of Cu in bimetallic Ni-Cu/CeO2 for high temperature in the presence of high temperature reforming fuel, 6th Asia Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium (APCRE), Beijing, China, 18-21 Sep. 2011 (Oral Presentation)
  2. E T Saw, X L A Tan, K Hidajat, S Kawi, High temperature water gas shift reaction over Ni-Cu bimetallic catalyst: Effect of nanosphere CeO2 supports, 15th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC), Munich, Germany, 1-6 July 2012 (Poster Presentation)
  3. E T Saw, Y H  Chan, S Deng, K  Hidajat, S  Kawi, Development of dual-layer co-extrusion hollow fibre membrane as Pd-based support for hydrogen separation: morphology and permeability study,  12th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM), Enschede, The Netherlands, 9-13 July 2012 (Oral Presentation)
  4. E T Saw, K Hidajat, S Kawi, High thermal stability of CeO2 nano-shapes as catalyst supports for high-temperature water gas shift reaction, 23rd North American Catalysis Society Meeting (NAM), Louisville, Kentucky, United State, 2-7 June 2013 (Oral Presentation)
  5. Z Li, E T  Saw, W  Fang,  L C Lim, Q Z  Wang, Application of powdered carrier activated sludge (POCAS) process using A novel diatomite (ADSORICA), Singapore International Water Week 2016, Singapore (Oral Presentation)
  6. E T  Saw, K L  Ang, W He, X C Dong, S Ramakrishna, Ce-silicalite-1/PDMS composite membrane in isopropyl alcohol recovery: The role of cerium in affecting membrane hydrophobicity and performance, 7th Asia-Oceania Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2018, Singapore (Poster Presentation)