Researcher Portfolio

WU Weiyi (Dr)
Research Fellow
6319 4418
Surface Technology

Dr Wu Weiyi received his PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in 2016. He also has over 6 years of research experience on functional materials for advanced oxidation of wastewaters, as well as water and wastewater analysis. He joined SIMTech in 2017 and currently he is working on the area of energy recovery of organic wastewaters.

Research Interest:

Electrochemical advanced oxidation process, water and wastewater treatment, energy recovery of organic wastewaters


PhD (Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University), BEng (Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


1. Wu W, Huang Z H, Lim T T* (2014). Recent development of mixed metal oxide anodes for electrochemical oxidation of organic pollutants in water. Applied Catalysis A: General 480, 58‐78

2. Wu W, Huang Z H, Lim T T* (2015). Enhanced electrochemical oxidation of phenol using hydrophobic TiO2‐NTs/SnO2‐Sb‐PTFE electrode prepared by pulse electrodeposition. RSC Advances 5, 32245‐32255

3. Wu W*, Huang Z.H, Hu Z T, He C, Lim T T* (2016). Electrochemical oxidation of bisphenol A by boron‐doped diamond anode and modified SnO2‐Sb anodes: influencing parameters and reaction pathways. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 4, 2807‐2815

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