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Huang Zhaohong (Dr)
Group Manager
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Surface Technology

Since joining Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) in 1995, Dr Huang Zhaohong has been engaged in surface engineering related research areas such as rapid prototyping and tooling, design and fabrication of thin film devices for display and photonics, surface micro/nano structuring, high procession manufacturing, surface and interface property enhancement, new materials and processes for environmental engineering. The involved surface technologies/processes include physical vapour deposition, photolithography, chemical/electrochemical etching and polishing, electroforming, electroless and electrolytic deposition, surface passivation, conversion coatings, plastic plating and high speed jet plating. By collaborating with universities and industries, he has been working on (selective) metallisation of high performance  polymer composites used in electronics and structural engineering, diamond turnable hard metals, oxide anode materials used in advanced oxidation process (AOP) for wastewater treatment, photo and electro catalytic materials for clean energy, micro-sized metal sieves for solid/liquid separation, metal-matrix composite coatings for anti-corrosion and anti-erosion, dry lubricant coatings for threaded joints, as well as passivation treatments and conformal coatings of metal traces on 3D Moulded Interconnect Devices.


Research Interest:
  • Thin film electronics device physics

  • Physics and chemistry at metal/polymer interface and techniques for adhesion improvements
  • Metal surface modification and passivation for anti-corrosion
  • Technology for selective metallisation of 3D polymer components
  • Micro-Nano photo chemical/electrochemical manufacturing
  • Advanced oxidation process (AOP) and its applications for wastewater treatment
  • Chemical and electrochemical processes for water reclaim and valuable material recovery

PhD, Electrochemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, June 2010.

MBA, Accountancy, School of Accountancy and Business, Nanyang Technological University. August 1994.

MEng, Physics of Materials, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

September 1989.

BEng, Material Science and Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, July 1983.


Filed Patents:



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    Grants and Awards:


    • March, 2017 GSK-Singapore Partnership for Green and Sustainable Manufacturing 4th Round Award – Energy recovery from concentrated organic wastewater ($1.009M, Y2017-2021)

    • January, 2006 SIMTech Awards 2005 (Research Category), 1st prize, awarded by Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

    • December, 1997 National Natural Science Award, 4th prize, awarded by the State Scientific and Technological Commission of China

    • November, 1996 The CAS Natural Science Award, 2nd  prize, awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences