Researcher Portfolio

Lee Eng Wah (Dr)
Senior Scientist
Planning and Operations Management
Introduction:Director, National RFID Centre, Singapore; 01 August 2007 - present
Senior Scientist, Group Manager, Planning & Operations Management; Sep 2005 to present, SIMTech   
Senior Scientist, Programme Head, Web Services Programme; 2002 - 2004, SIMTech
Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow: 1990 - 2003 / Group Manager : 1996 - 2002
(CAD/CAM, Product Development & Data Management, Operations & Supply Chain Applications)
Defence Science Organisation, Singapore: Defence Engineer, 1989 - 1990
ATS SoftwareCentre Pte. Ltd: Marketing Executive, 1989
Research Interest:1.PI - Ontology-based, context aware web services framework for agile enterprise collaboration (funded by A*STAR Science and Engineering TSRP on Integrative Manufacturing Service and Support) (April 2006 to March 2009)
2.Initiator, Manager, Java Smart Services Lab (JSSL), Web Services Initiative for Industry (April 2002- March 2004).  Sponsored by IDA, SIMTech, Sun Microsystems, BEA, Oracle, Software AG, Borland, Blueboot, Netrust, IBM-Rational.  Funding Amount : S$2.51 Million, S$1.3 M contribution in kind)
3.Principal Investigator, QuickMold - Advanced Research and Development for Plastic Injection Mold Design based on 3D  Computer Aided Design and Object-oriented Approach; 1996-1999, funding Amount: S$1M
4.Investigator, MATIC Programme - Manufacturing Advancement Through International Collaboration (Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, 1994-1998).  Local Industry Partnership: Aiwa Singapore. Funding Amount: S$200K
BioNotes:PhD, Mechanics of Materials, University of Strathclyde, UK, Singapore, 1992 
B. Sc. (1st Class Honours), Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, 1989
Publications:K. Mous, K. L. Ko, S. G. Lee, P. S. Tan & E. W. Lee, High-level business processes for agile B2B collaboration, Proceedings 35th Int'l MATADOR Conference, July 2007, Taipei, TAIWAN, pp 169 - 172.

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