Researcher Portfolio

Li Xiang, Leon (Dr)
Senior Research Engineer III
6319 4481
Precision Measurements
Introduction:Received PhD in 1996, Tsing Hua University, P.R. China.  Worked in Aiwa Singapore Pte Ltd  for five years  as a Senior Engineer with expertise in mechanical design, firmware development ,and optical data storage technology.  He joined Dataplay Pte Ltd in 2001 as a Senior Optical Engineer, in charge of optical pickup system and failure analysis.  He has been working in SIMTech since Aug 2001. His main research area is in optical measurement and inspection technology.
Research Interest:Precision dimensional measurement with optical technology, interferometer, wavefront sensing, bio-imaging and measurement, defect inspection
BioNotes:PhD, Beijing Tsinghua University in 1996
MEng, Beijing Tsinghua University in 1992
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Best intellectual property and patent, SIMTech, 2004
Borderless Award, A*STAR, 2012

Borderless Awards, Ministry of Trade and Industry, 2013