Researcher Portfolio

Lim Ser Yong (Dr)
Executive Director
Precision Measurements
Introduction:Joined SIMTech in 1994 after his PhD from USA. Several years of working experience in the industry both in Singapore and USA. Worked for Fairchild Semiconductor as a systems development engineer from 1984 to 1986, and for National Semiconductor as a senior systems development engineer from 1988 to 1989. While studying in the US, also worked as a database system developer for a software company outside Clemson University.

Currently, a group manager responsible for a team of 27 researchers in the research and development of optical and non-optical measurements technology as well as the associated image processing techniques. Also an Adjunct Teaching Fellow with the National University of Singapore and a Supervisory Tutor for the Open University Degree Programme managed by the Singapore Institute of Management.

Provided leadership to several multi-million dollar research projects including the development of a nuclear waste storage inspection system, a ship welding robotic system, and an automated aircraft wing skin inspection system. Now, the project leader for two collaborative research projects with the National University of Singapore, Cranfield University, and Stanford University.


1. Decoupled Precision Planar X-Y Positioning System (PCT Application Number: PCT/SG 01/00190)

2. An Adaptive Ripple Suppression/Compensation Apparatus for Permanent Magnet Linear Motors (Patent Application Numbers: Singapore: 200002284-8, US: 09/840,040)

3. An Apparatus For Ultrasonic Inspection of Flawed Materials
(Singapore Patent Application Number: 200107295-8)
Research Interest:High precision measurement technology, robot dynamics control, automation and applications, real-time operating systems and applications, high-precision motion control and robotics, and control of nonlinear dynamical systems
BioNotes:PhD in Electrical Engineering, Clemson University,
Clemson, South Carolina, USA, 1994
MSc in Electrical Engineering, Clemson University,
Clemson, South Carolina, USA, 1988
BEng (First Class Honours) in Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, 1984

Chapter in Book:

1. Automation, Miniature Robotics and Sensing for Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, edited by Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, NASA JPL, Technical Editor for The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Chapter 9, pp. 387-402, 2000.

Conference Proceedings:

1. 5th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology, edited by Marcelo H. Ang Jr. and Ser Yong Lim, ISBN: 981 04 4171 1, Singapore, June 2001.

2. 4th Asian Conference on Robotics and Its Applications, edited by Marcelo H. Ang Jr. and Ser Yong Lim, ISBN: 981 04 4171 X, Singapore, June 2001.

Recent Journal Papers:

1. S. Y. Lim, L. M. Koh, B. S. Wong and C. W. Lim, "An Automated Aircraft Wing Inspection System," Insight, UK, Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 160-163, 1998.

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4. Marcelo H. Ang Jr, Wei Lin and Ser Yong Lim, "A Walk-through Programmed Robot for Welding in Shipyards," Industrial Robot, Vol. 26, No. 5, pp 377-388, 1999. (Most Outstanding Paper Award for 1999 volume.

5. K. K. Tan, , S. Y. Lim, T. H. Lee, and H. F. Dou "High Precision Control of Linear Actuators Incorporating Acceleration Sensing," Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol 16, pp 295-305, 2000.