Researcher Portfolio

Lin Wei (Dr)
Senior Scientist II


Dr LIN Wei is a Senior Scientist with the Mechatronics Group in SIMTech. He has many years of experience working as a R&D researcher for developing advanced robotics technologies for dealing with challenging manufacturing processes. He has been the course leader for the PE WSQ Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics since 2011 and the Chair of Singapore Technical Committee for the Standards of Automation, Robotics and Precision Engineering since 2014. He is also an Adjunct Research Associate professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Singapore, and a co-director of the SIMTech-NUS Joint Lab on Industrial Robotics.


Research Interest:

Intuitive robotics teaching; Compliant mechanisms; Parallel kinematics manipulators; Vibration suppression; Non-destructive testing

  • PhD, 1992, University of Florida, USA
  • MSc, 1988, University of Florida, USA
  • BSc (Eng), 1985, University College London, UK

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SPRING Singapore Merit Award 2017 

MTI Borderless Award 2013