Researcher Portfolio

Liu Yuchan (Ms)
Principal Research Engineer I
Measurements and Characterisation Unit
Introduction:Liu Yuchan was an engineer in China Guangzhou Electric Apparatus Research Institute for 8 years, responsible for development of instruments for characterization and reliability test for electric apparatus. Yuchan had also worked in Physics Department in The University of Hong Kong in the area of semiconductor materials and devices prior to joining SIMTech in 1995. After joining SIMTech, Yuchan has been focusing on materials characterization and precision measurements of dimensions, profile and surface finish in micrometer and nanometer level.
Research Interest:Precision measurements with metrological instruments including scanning probe microscopic, laser interferometric, ellipsometric, stylus profilometric, focus variation and coordinate measuring machine techniques. Materials characterization with nano-indention and micro-indentation techniques.
BioNotes:MEng, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2005
BSc, Physics Department, Zhongshan University, China, 1985
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Awards:(1) Best Support Employee (Research and Technical Support), 2004.
(2) The project "Advanced Nano-coatings Technology for Manufacturing & Aerospace Application" was selected as the 2nd Winner for the SIMTech Awards 2005. Yuchan was team member.
(3) The project "Upgrading of Precision Engineering Suppliers Serving the Semiconductor Industry" won MTI Awards 2009. Yuchan is team member.