Researcher Portfolio

Zhang Su Xia (Ms)
Senior Research Engineer III
Forming Technology
Introduction:Ms Zhang Su Xia worked in Shanghai Research Institute of Materials from 1984 to 1992 in the field of tungsten carbide powder processing. She joined in Eutech-N.I.T (Singapore) in 1992 as process Engineer mainly in the area of automotive powder metallurgy’s product. In 1995, she joined in SIMTech. Her research interest is powder over-injection moulding of metallic and ceramic materials, two materials joining by powder injection moulding, transparent ceramics, characterization of PIM components.
Research Interest:Powder Metallurgy and Powder injection moulding

MSc, Materials Science & Engineering, National University of Singapore, 2002

BEng, Powder Metallugy, Hefei University of Technology, China, 1984


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2008 SIMTech Award in Industry Project of “ Development of Microfluidic Devices for Industrial Analysis    Applications”

2007 SIMTech Award  in Research Project of “Processing of Characterization of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds”


2010 "Feasibility Study on Producing Components with Embedded Channel by Powder Injection Moulding", International Conference on Precision Engineering ICoPE 2010 & 13th ICPE , 28-Jul-2010 to 30-Jul-2010, Singapore

2009 "Ceramic composite components with gradient porosity by PIM", ICMAT2009, 28-Jun-2009 to 03-Jul-2009, Singapore

2006 "Processing of Thin Metal Strip by Casting-cum-Rolling", 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Materials Processing, 04-Dec-2006 to 06-Dec-2006, Singapore