Researcher Portfolio

Zeng Xianting (Dr)
Director - Knowledge Transfer Office
Surface Technology
Introduction:Dr Zeng joined SIMTech in 1995 after his PhD from the CUHK in Hong Kong. He has more than 16 years of R & D experience in surface coatings, thin films materials and devices as well as functional bulk materials. As project leader, Dr Zeng has completed more than 20 international collaboration, industry or in-house research projects under various funding support. He has published extensively on thin films and surface coating materials as well as on nanotechnology with more than 120 refereed journal or conference papers, three book chapters and four patents. Dr Zeng actively participates in many professional activities. He has served as a conference chair or technical panel member in international conferences and workshops, been invited for keynote presentations in conferences and technical forums and served as referee for a number of journals and conference proceedings. In 2004, he was invited as a visiting professor working in Tohoku University for six months. Currently, he is the Group Manager of the Surface Technology Group responsible for a team of 26 researchers plus graduate students, which conducts R&D in hybrid composite coatings for various functionalities and thin film devices and systems on display, electronics and photonics using PVD/CVD, sol gel, electro-chemical and thermal spray technologies.
Research Interest:Advanced hybrid composite coatings and surface engineering as well as thin film devices for tribological, functional, electronics, optics/photonics and decorative applications using Physical Vapour Deposition and Chemical Vapour Deposition, sol-gel process, electro-chemical deposition and surface micro-fabrication technologies
BioNotes:1992-1995: PhD in Thin Film Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1984-1987: MSc in Materials Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
1978-1982: BSc in Applied Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
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