Sustainability and Emerging Applications Centre



Sustainability is changing the way we live and impacting government policies and businesses as nations grapples with global challenges such as climate change, rising sea level and pollution. It is clear that beyond addressing such challenges, sustainability can drive business success and lead to new ideas. In the current age of technology proliferation, there are also many opportunities for businesses to tap on technological innovations to create new products, services and processes in emerging applications.

The Sustainability and Emerging Applications Centre (SEAC) promotes sustainable practices and technologies to external stakeholders. It also identifies and seeds new industries through providing innovative technologies in emerging applications and facilitating networks. SEAC achieves all these through close collaborations with the industry, government agencies and the academia.

The nexus for sustainable & emerging application technologies and partnerships where science meets business

To propel the industry towards environmental and economic sustainability through the diffusion of advanced manufacturing technologies and expertise

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 Showcase and Promotion

  • Redefine Satisfaction
  • Re-engineer Manufacturing
  • Revive Waste
  • Rethink Resources

Knowledge Transfer

  •  Organise seminars, round tables, workshops, and industry-centric forums to disseminate knowledge on trends, best practices, technology adoption, and innovations for improving eco-performance  in manufacturing
  • Offer the Workforce Skills Qualifications Graduate Diploma Course  in Process, Master Class and Short courses 

Technology Transfer

  • Cost-effective adoption of new technologies 

Industry Development

  • Champion collaborative projects to innovate technologies for  better eco-performance in manufacturing
  • Form industry initiatives to help local companies venture into  sustainable/ emerging applications in manufacturing


Sustainability & Lifecycle

  • Circular Economy/ Life Cycle Assessment
  • Eco-design of sustainable products
  • Processing/ applications of sustainable materials
  • Energy/ Water/ Waste Management
  • Sustainable Solutions for Urban Farming
  • Smart Solutions for Build Environment

Smart Microfluidics

  • Design and development of microfluidics systems
  • Prototyping and production of microfluidics devices

Printed Intelligent Devices Capabilities

  • A pilot roll-to-roll line for prototyping and pilot production of functional films and printed electronics

Sustainability & Lifecycle
Smart Microfluidics
Printed Intelligent Devices Capabilities
SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF)
Printed Intelligent Devices (PID)


SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF)
Large Area Processing


Re-engineer Manufacturing
Re-think Resources
Re-vive Waste
Re-define Satisfaction
SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry
Printed Intelligent Devices (PID)

For enquiries, please contact 
Dr Ng Sum Huan Gary, Deputy Director, SEAC