The SMF operates in a 1300-square metre cleanroom in the premise of SIMTech. Our cleanroom houses a complete set of equipment to support fundamental and applied research, as well as pilot-scale volume production. The set of equipment includes:

Design and Simulation: CAD and CAM software, simulation software

Photolithography: spin coater, laminator, aligner, developer

Mould Fabrication: nickel plating, lithography system

Structuring: plastic injection moulding machine, hot embossing machine, roller hot embossing machine, precision milling machine, laser system, lithography system, automatic PDMS casting and demoulding systems

Bonding: multi-chip thermal bonder, plastic bonding system, ultrasonic welding machine, laser welding machine

Metallisation: electroplating, physical vapour deposition system, screen printing system

Surface Treatment: corona discharge machine, atmospheric plasma system, hydrophilic/hydrophobic coating system

Surface Functioning: orbital shaker, plasma system, chemical dispensing system

Characterisation and Testing: microscope, profilometer, electrical probe station, fluid control and testing system, other general characterisation/diagnostic systems, white light interferometer