Project Showcase

The advantages of microfluidics technology are often applied in point-of-care and clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical and life science research, analytical and monitoring devices, and drug delivery. We have worked with the industry and academia to apply our manufacturing capability to develop microfluidics products for various applications. Some of our previous/current examples for various applications are highlighted below:

Point-of-Care and Clinical Diagnostics

1) Integrated hybrid biochip system for sample preparation in PCR and DNA detection 
2) Integration of photonic sensor on microfluidic platform for detection of cancer and hepatitis biomarkers 
3) Nerve agent detection
4) Cancer cell screening based on microfluidics platform

Analytical and Monitoring Devices

1) Microfluidic devices for flow analysis of complex polymers
2) Integrated microfluidic platform for water quality monitoring
3) Carbon nanotube screening using microfluidic device

Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research

1) Automation of DNA sample preparation on microfluidic chip

Microfluidic Components for Mixing Applications

1) Chaotic expansion mixer for mixing liquids with large difference in viscosity
2) Oscillating mixer for chamber mixing
3) Compact mixer for mixing complex polymers.

At the SMF, we work with industry and academic partners in providing robust manufacturing capabilities as well as developing innovative new capabilities to extend the applications of microfluidics to new frontiers. 

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