EAC Annual Conference 2017


Microfluidic technologies include the fabrication of micrometers-wide micro-channels to facilitate the handling of low-volume fluids and manipulate biochemical reactions. For any lab-on-a-chip device to fully function as a complete diagnostic system, manufacturers may need to consider integrating other functional components like pumps, electrodes, valves and electronics with these micro-channels. Hence, the challenge of developing lab-on-a-chip devices lies in the design and fabrication of these highly-complex miniaturised functional devices while maintaining its low production cost.

To tap into this highly lucrative yet R&D-intensive market, this conference provides latest updates on microfluidics technology frontiers and market information, with the objective to assist in building a vibrant Microfluidics Eco-system in Singapore. At the conference, companies will have opportunities to network and explore business collaborations with other companies that have similar interests.  They can also learn more about how SIMTech can assist in R&D product innovation as well as  knowledge transfer and manpower development through its WSQ microfluidics course.