Chipholder Test Station


The Chipholder Test Station is able to house both 75 x 25 mm and 75 x 50 mm standard chips, up to a thickness of 8 mm. It is able to connect up to 10 different tubings using ferrules. The unit can be mounted onto most upright and all inverted microscope with the largest microscope stage size being 260mm in length. When mounted onto a microscope, the tubings from the microfluidics chips are directed outwards and away from the viewing section of the microscope. This ensures that the viewing area is not obstructed which aids the user in connecting the tubings to other components like syringe pumps etc. When the Chipholder Test Station is not in use, the grippers which are used for mounting onto the microscope can be retracted to a portable size for easy transport.


Chipholder Test Station (STS 1000)

For more information of specifications and products brochure, please check Chipholder Test Station STS 1000.