Hot Embossing Machine


The SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF) has developed a hot embossing unit which can be used to perform hot embossing of micro-structures on polymer chips. This machine is the best method for prototyping usage & low volume production as compared to conventional injection moulding. Its product quality is comparable to parts produced by an injection machine, but the running costs are significantly lower.

Microfluidic Polymer Chip produced by Hot Embossing Process


The SMF hot embossing unit consist of an automatic hydraulic press, hot embossing tool, water chiller and a de-molding unit. Pre-cut polymer blank chip, prepared by laser or milling machine is used for hot embossing. SMF offers blank chip supply, fabrication services of customize hot embossing tool and hot embossing nickel mold. 



De-Molding Unit                    Hot Press



        Hot Embossing Tool  Water Chiller

For more information of specifications and product brochure, please check Hot Embossing Machine.