Microfluidic Drop-on-Demand System


Microdroplets have well defined shape, predetermined compositions. Their small size, low mass and potentially high-throughput formation are the enabling features for the bio-encapsulation and pharmaceutical screening applications. Conventional drop-on-demand systems suffer from tedious cleaning/sterilization process and longer change-over time. In those systems, the concern of contamination is extremely unacceptable when the produced droplets are for biomedical usage.

The microfluidic drop-on-demand system (S-Droplet SDOD 1000) leverages the advantages of microfluidics to integrate a disposable chip for droplet generation. The low cost, disposable and contamination-free chips form the core of the system, and are made from plastic through an injection molding process. The system is able to generate highly uniform sized droplets for microarray applications. The system was built following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and European Pharmacopeia Standards (EUP).

Drop-on-Demand System (SDOD 1000)

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