Universal Chipholder


Leak-free fluidic connection to and from microfluidic chips is a critical step in most microfluidic applications. The SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF) offers a universal microfluidic chipholder (S-Chipholder AHP 200) to rapidly establish robust, leak-free fluidic connection in one simple press motion.

The S-Chipholder AHP 200 includes a base plate, fluidic probes and specially designed ferrules. The unique design of the S-Chipholder provides great flexibility in connecting microfluidic chips with different dimensions and fluidic access configurations. Microfluidic chips with size ranging from 40 mm x 15 mm to 100 mm x 100 mm can be accommodated on the S-Chipholder. The base plate can be customised to cater for microfluidic chips with other dimensions. The open structure of the S-Chipholder allows ample viewing window. The leak-free fluid connection established is robust, which can withstand up to 6 bars of hydrostatic pressure at room temperature (25°C).


Universal Chipholder (AHP 200)

For more information of specifications and product brochure, please check Universal Chipholder (AHP 200).