SIMTech Microfluidics Network provides a microfluidics industrialisation platform for start-ups and research groups which are developing microfluidic products and moving towards commercialisation. Make use of this platform to speed up your microfluidics development!


  • To nurture and grow the Emerging Microfluidics Industry.


  • To promote the adoption of microfluidics technology in life science, chemistry, environment and other application areas.
  • To assist the members to accelerate the commercialization of technologies from microfluidics companies through this platform.

Who can apply

  • Startup companies who are interested in microfluidics.
  • Companies who are developing products based on microfluidics technology.
  • Research groups in universities, research institutes, or research labs who intend to commercialize their microfluidics technologies.



*SMN is a subsidiary of SIMTech Membership.