Injection Moulding: We adopt polymer injection moulding as our core process for cost-effective mass-production of polymer microfluidic chips. This process is fully supported by a team of researchers and engineers. The team’s expertise in mould insert design and fabrication, mould flow simulation and process optimization will ensure high quality of the production of your microfluidic chip. 

Our mould inserts are fabricated in-house using precision machining or electroforming with feature size as small as 10 µm.

Laser and Precision Machining: In addition to injection moulding, we also offer alternative structuring processes, especially for low-volume production, such as laser machining and precision machining. 

Soft Lithography: The foundry also provides structuring of ultraviolet or thermal curable elastomer and epoxy using soft lithography. Fine features as small as 3 µm and aspect ratio larger than 1:6 can be achieved using this technique.

Part Produced By Injection

Part Produced By Laser

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