Science Outreach


Activities Focus

The goals of SIMTech's Science Outreach Committee are to:

  • To promote and enhance interest in science and engineering from primary school to junior college students through events, such as open houses, career talks, workshops, seminars, as well as participation in outreach activities by external parties such as the Singapore Science Centre; and
  • To provide attachment opportunities (short or long term), for upper secondary school to junior college students, to immerse in a research and developmental environment.

All institutional educators are welcome to contact us to arrange various types of outreach events, ranging from:

  • SIMTech open house 
  • Visits to our three centres: Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE-COI), Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC), and Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC)
  • Specific themed research workshops ranging from Forming Technology, Machining Technology, Joining Technology, Surface Technology, Mechatronics, Precision Measurements, Manufacturing Execution and Control or Planning and Operations Management 
  • Career talk / Visits by our scientists 
  • Attachment opportunities

SIMTech Experience and Challenge is our annual major open house cum experience sharing session by our current year student attachees, whereby SIMTech’s attachees shares their learning experiences; SIMTech’s staff shares the research frontiers and everybody has a good time.

For events coordination, please contact the Research Liaison Office (Science Outreach):