SIMTech's Experience and Challenge

Activities Focus

SIMTech's Experience & Challenge was conceived by A*STAR's Youth Science Programme and SIMTech researchers.

It aims to:

  • provide a platform for the students to learn the theories of specific technology area
  • apply the theories through hands-on work and exciting competitions

The objective of this event is to ignite a passion for science and technology amongst youths.

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SIMTech's Experience & Challenge 2007 - The Journey to Virtual World
Details will be published soon. Watch this space for event date and participation details.

SIMTech's Experience & Challenge 2006 - RFID
The 1.5 day event introduced RFID technology to the students.

The event was held in Nov and the competition was organised on 18 December 2006. The photos of the event are available here.

SIMTech's Experience & Challenge 2005 - The Automotives
The 1-day workshop for secondary school students to experience and learn how to design and build their own mini car of the future. The workshop includes theories and hands-on participation to build a furutristic mini car. Students then design and build a mini car. The challenge culminated in a car race in March 2006. The photos of the event and newspaper article published in Lian He Zhao Pao are available here.

SIMTech's Experience & Challenge 2004 - Fuel Cells
The 1st theme of SIMTech's Experience & Challenge, Fuel Cells, was organised on 4 November 2004. The 2-day workshop includes introducing to the students theories and applications of fuel cells. The students were guided in making the fuel cell and toured various locations to see how fuel cells have been implemented in Singapore. Finally, the students were assigned to design and package a fuel cell education kit in a competition.

The event was organised by Youth Science Programme (YSP) of A*STAR and SIMTech.