Microfluidics Research Foundry

SIMTech Microfluidics Research Foundry focuses on polymer-based microfluidic device design, fabrication and characterisation, including rapid prototyping and pilot manufacturing. Our strength is the combination and integration of SIMTech technologies in forming, machining, substrate and surface technologies, mechatronics, and precision measurements for the development of high quality microfluidic devices. 

The cleanroom facility includes a complete microfabrication line for polymer-based microfluidic devices, comprising injection molding, hot embossing, casting, photolithography and metallisation. A full range of measurement tools for characterisation of mechanical, fluidic, optical and electrical properties of microfluidic devices is available. In addition, technical solutions on packaging, interfacing and integration for microfluidic devices/systems based on SIMTech's comprehensive experience in product development and system integration are provided.

Contact Person
Wang Zhiping (zpwang@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg)

Research Relevance
The use of laboratory instrumentation is ubiquitous throughout the world in most industries. Much of this equipment and instrumentation can potentially be shrunken and integrated into complex arrangements inside the channels of lab-on-a-chip. The core technology is referred to as microfluidics, the movement of fluids inside of microchannels that are tens or hundreds of microns wide. The shift from traditional laboratory processes to lab-on-a-chip might be compared to the transition from vacuum tubes to the integrated circuit. Advantages include improved performance, speed, reproducibility and throughput, reduced cost and reagents consumption, lower contamination and operator error, and the convenience of more parallel and integrated analysis. The majority of applications are currently related to life science research, and healthcare/diagnostics. 

Many microfluidic devices require inexpensive dispensable material. SIMTech Microfluidics Research Foundry offers complete design, fabrication, integration, characterization and testing services to industry for proof-of-concept rapid prototyping and low-volume production of polymer-based microfluidic devices. Collaborations are carried out with the academic institutions and research organisations for joint development of microfluidic devices for biomedical diagnosis and research, chemical processing, water treatment, and alternative energy applications.


SIMTech Microfluidics Research Foundry provides customised lab-on-chip design and development services including stand-alone polymer chips and integrated systems. In a typical case, with the input from a client on functional requirement or specifications, an interdisciplinary development team will work out the total product solution including device layout, fabrication process flow, testing kit, housing material and fittings, peripheral electronics and entire packaging.


SIMTech Microfluidics Research Foundry leverages on cutting edge technologies within SIMTech, for example, precision machining, multifunctional substrate, forming and molding, precision measurements, mechatronics, product development, etc. Our interdisciplinary team has comprehensive experience over the last 14 years in working with industry and academic partners for product development and applied research. Expertise from other A*STAR research institutes and our renowned research partners worldwide are also tapped on when required.

Research Showcases

Development of Polymer Microfluidic Biochips for Diagnostic Applications