Metal and Ceramic Processing

Metal Forming Products

Research Relevance

The Metal and Ceramic Processing team focuses on net shape and near net shape forming technology. The team has self-sufficient development for complete metal and ceramic processing such as process and tooling design through computer simulation, engineering design of tooling and ancillaries such as design of heating system, all the way to characterization of finished and semi-finished products through mechanical and physical properties testing, as well as microstructure evolution throughout the process. The development within the team is focused towards enabling wider capabilities for lightweight and resource saving process and products, as well as high mix low volume opportunity through flexible systems.


Research Focus

  • Manufacturing of Tailored Blank
  • Micro Texturing for Functional Surface
  • Incremental Dieless Sheet Forming
  • Severe Plastic Deformation of Magnesium Alloy
  • Liquid Forging of Wrought Aluminium and Non-Flammable Magnesium
  • Liquid Forging of Metal Matrix Composites
  • Powder Injection Moulding of Metals and Functional Ceramics
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Forming Processes

Research Staff

  • Dr Chua Beng Wah ( Team Leader)
  • Dr Danno Atsushi 
  • Dr Li Tao
  • Dr Song Xu
  • Dr Suwat Jirathearanat
  • Dr Muhammad Taureza
  • Dr Zhai Wei
  • Dr Balasubramanian Nagarajan
  • Dr Huang Rui
  • Dr Hu Zhiheng
  • Ms Zhang Suxia
  • Mr Fong Kai Soon Cedric
  • Mr Peh Wee Yang
  • Ms Ng Kai Lin
  • Mr Koh Kai Xiang
  • Mr Andrew Wong Zhen Yu
  • Mr Muhammad Ashiq Noor Mohamad
  • Mr Kirk Chin Ho
  • Ms Huang Jiemin
  • Mr Ho Meng Kwong
  • Mr Lim Khiam Boon
  • Mr Pang Siong Chai


  • Double planetary mixer, dry and wet ball milling
  • Single- and double-barrel powder injection moulding machine
  • Heat treatment, debinding, high temperature sintering and sinter-HIP furnace
  • 630-ton mechanical press and 110-ton servo mechanical press
  • 4-ton servo mechanical press for precision small components and surface textures
  • 400-ton hydraulic press and 25-ton stamping press
  • 50- & 200-ton Liquid Forging systems
  • Multi-axis CNC spin forming machine
  • Computer simulation softwares (Deform, Abaqus, Flow3D, ProCast, FloEFD)
Contact PersonChua Beng Wah(
ApproachThe Metal and Ceramic Processing team conducts research collaborations with various local/overseas institutions and institutes. Competitive research and development projects are also carried out with companies from various industries. Technology transfer of Metal and Ceramic Processing expertise is promoted to the manufacturing industry through seminars, workshops and training courses.
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