Laser Precision Machining

Research Relevance

The Laser Precision Machining (LPM) team has developed capabilities in general laser materials process including cutting, drilling, marking and surface hardening over a wide range of materials. We have established competencies in laser dicing of silicon wafer, machining of micro-moulds and dies, laser cleaning and laser surface processes to modify surface properties such as hardness and wettability.

Research Focus

  • Laser cleaning and material ablation
  • Laser texturing and surface modification
  • Laser microstructuring
  • Laser machining of difficult-to-machine materials

Research Staff

Team Leader: Dr Lim Gnian Cher

  • Dr Guan Yingchun
  • Dr Hernandez Castaneda Juan Carlos
  • Dr Wang Xincai
  • Dr Wang Zhongke
  • Dr Zheng Hongyu
  • Ms Fang Yongwei
  • Ms Ng Hing Wan
  • Mr Teh Kim Ming
  • Mr Tan Chi Wai


  • SPI 200W Fibre Laser
  • Lumonics pulse Nd:YAG Laser (JK702)
  • Rofin 40ns pulse Nd:YAG Laser (DQ x45S)
  • Coherent UV nanosecond Laser (AVIA)
  • Clark-MXR femtosecond Laser
  • Time-Bandwidth picosecond Laser (Duetto)
  • Lambda Physik Excimer Laser (LPX)
  • Synrad 20W CO2 Laser
  • Coherent 200W CO2 Laser (Diamond)
ApproachThe Group carries out collaborative research and development projects with academic institutions and industry partners, both locally and internationally. It also co-develops laser machining-related processes and products with companies and promotes technology transfer for the manufacturing industry through seminars and training courses.
  • Laser removal of organic and inorganic coating/contamination
  • Laser surface modification for wettability control in polymer, silicon and steel
  • Laser microstructuring on various materials including WC, moulds and dies
  • High speed laser dicing of silicon wafer with zero kerf width and self-separation
  • Laser cutting and drilling of difficult-to-machine materials such as carbon fibre composite, ceramic, and glass
  • Laser colour marking