Mechanical Precision Machining

Research Relevance

The Mechanical Precision Machining (MPM) team, focuses on the mechanical methods of material removal using solid cutting tools. Machining technology is a fundamental element for manufacturing industry. It is the "mother" of all the other industries, which has been widely used in various industrial applications in different forms. In recent years, the trends of precision machining are moving towards ultra-precision, super surface finish, micro features, intricate structures, hard and brittle materials, damage-free and high efficiency. The key research challenges to be addressed are: dimensional accuracy, surface quality, sub-surface integrity, intricate details, and machining productivity. The team works closely with industry partners in applied research and development projects, and collaborates with universities and research institutes worldwide on basic research and students training. The team also conducts manpower training for precision engineering industry through seminars, workshop and WDA courses 

Research Focus

  • Ultra-precision micro machining for microstructures and surface profiles
  • Manufacture of large area and discrete micro moulds and dies
  • Multi-axis machining dynamics and simulation
  • High aspect ratio drilling and gun drilling 

Research Staff

Team Leader: Dr Liu Kui

  • Dr Ampara Aramcharoen
  • Dr Ko Jeong Hoon
  • Dr Woon Keng Soon
  • Ms Ding Xin
  • Mr Liu Peiling
  • Mr Ng Thai Ee
  • Mr Shaw Kah Chuan
  • Mr Tnay Guan Leong
  • Mr Wu Hu


  • Moore 5-axis Ultra-precision Machining Centre
  • Precitech Ultra-precision Lathe
  • Roeders 3-axis High Speed Milling Centre
  • Hitachi Seiki 3+2-axis Machining Centre
  • Ewag 6-axis Cutter Grinder
  • Okamoto High Speed Grinder
  • Wyko White Light Interferometer
  • Kistler Dynamometer
ApproachThe Group carries out collaborative research and development projects with academic institutions and industry partners, both locally and internationally. It also co-develops machining-related processes and products with companies and promotes technology transfer for the manufacturing industry through seminars and training courses.
  • Ultrasonic vibration assisted diamond cutting of steel for optical applications
  • Ultra-precision freeform surface machining
  • Micro machining
  • Machine tool dynamics and characteristics analyses
  • Customised cutting tool development
  • Virtual machining simulation