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Research Relevance

Polymer materials are widely used in various industrial applications in different forms. In recent years, the trends in the polymer processing industry are moving towards high precision, light weight with high specific performance and multi-functional applications. The main focus of the Polymer Processing team is in the field of polymer precision, micromoulding and back-moulding, sustainable polymer films and foams, liquid silicone rubber processing, aerogel processing, thermoplastic natural fibre prepreg processing, hybrid natural fibre composites manufacturing, and the development of polymer compounds and blends for industrial applications. 



Research Focus

  • Precision & Micro-feature Moulding Processes for Engineering Thermoplastics and Liquid Silicone Rubbers
  • Thermoplastic (TP) Composite Manufacturing Technologies (Carbon fibre (CF)/natural fibre (NF) hybrid system, TP prepreg development)
  • Development and Application of Nanocomposites and Sustainable Polymers
  • Gas Foaming Extrusion Processing Development
  • Process and Structural Design and Simulation for Polymers and Composites (e.g. Moldflow Analysis, Abaqus)

Research Staff

  • Mr Tong Kin Kong, Steven (Team Leader)
  • Dr Lau Soo Khim
  • Dr Teo Wern Sze
  • Dr Yu Suzhu
  • Dr Tran Le Quan Ngoc
  • Dr Zhang Xiwen
  • Dr Carla Canturri
  • Dr Deng Xinying
  • Mr Chen Ge
  • Mr Yek Wei Ming
  • Ms Tan Cher Lin Clara
  • Mr Wong Cheng Ning Joshua
  • Ms Lee Yiing See Abbie
  • Ms Meagan Lim Shen-Hui
  • Ms Cheah Yi Wen
  • Mr Low Liang Wei
  • Mr Tan Men Shu
  • Mr Lim Xiao Ming
  • Mr Juay Yang Kay


Injection moulding equipment:

  • 55-ton Engel, 160-ton Kraus Maffei injection moulding machine
  • 100-ton Netstal high speed moulding machine
  • Liquid injection moulding system for liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
  • 6-ton Babyplast double shot micromoulding machine
  • Haake MiniJet II

Extrusion process:

  • Leistritz twin screw compounding extruder for material compounding
  • Leistritz CO2 gas foaming extruder
  • Haake MiniLab II micro compounder
  • Continuous sheet and composite prepregs manufacturing system by extrusion-calendering with IR heating
  • Collin Teach-Line tri-layer film extruder with blow-film option

Polymer composite process:

  • 5000 cc resin transfer moulding machine
  • 1.5 x 1.5 m walk-in curing oven for composites
  • Collin P500 laboratory press (hydraulic and pneumatic 300oC press)

Material properties analytical equipment:

  • Zwick pendulum impact tester
  • Kruss force single fibre tensiometer
  • Photostress analyzer
  • CEAST melt flow index
  • Confocal profile measurement system

Auxiliary equipment:

  • Motan dryer for moisture-sensitive thermoplastic processing
  • Retch centrifugal mill ZM200
  • Sheet and foam crusher for plastic recycling
  • High speed mixer for powder mixing
  • IDM pneumatic cutting press


Contact PersonTong Kin Kong, Steven(
ApproachThe Polymer Processing team conducts research collaborations with various local/overseas institutions and institutes. Competitive research and development projects are also carried out with companies from various industries. Technology transfer of Polymer Processing expertise is promoted to the manufacturing industry through seminars, workshops and training courses.

• Precision injection moulding / micromoulding / overmoulding of plastic components

• Extrusion compounding of nanocomposites, biodegradable polymers and recycled thermoplastic polymers

• Aerogel / film / foam processing with sustainable materials

• Natural fibre prepreg laminate / composite processing

• Hybrid composite forming

• Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) processing

• Moldflow analyses and process simulation

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