Manufacturing Execution

Going paperless, real-time resource and production tracking is a growing trend and core to competitiveness. Manufacturing processes and operations represent a significant portion of controllable energy usage. In this field, the team develops novel factory information visibility platform with interactive visualization and analytical reasoning. The team also analyses energy profiling for manufacturing process and models production system energy usage. 

Data is an asset to companies only if they know how to use their vast amount of data to improve production yield, quality consistency, productivity and competitivess. In this field, the team develops big-data intelligence and visualization systems for visualising status, throughput and other key performance indicators. The team also develops advanced monitoring solutions that will continually monitor, diagnose, and optimize process parameters and performance, automatically capture and classify process knowledge, discern patterns and trends, and recommend appropriate responses to assist workers in responding to complexity.

Research Relevance
  • Process monitoring and supervisory control for product quality enhancement
  • RFID tracking technologies, leading to productivity enhancement. 
  • Production tracking and management to improve production performance

Research Staff:

  • Ms. Aw Leck Leng
  • Ms. Ge Hailin
  • Dr. Guo Zhaoqin
  • Dr. Huang Sheng
  • Dr. Lee Kee Jin 
  • Dr. Li Xiang
  • Mr. Li Weixian
  • Mr. Lim Wei Quan
  • Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong
  • Ms. Phua Geok Hong
  • Mr. Shaw Shuai Aaron
  • Mr. Tan Chak Huah
  • Mr. Tang Bin
  • Dr. Zhao Yi Zhi, George
Contact PersonLi Xiang(

 1.    Process and Quality Data Fusion and Visualisation

  • Advanced data mining enable complex and interactive data fusion and visualisation.
  • Machine learning and supervisory control for automated recipe tuning and management
  • System of systems information fusion for enhancing multivariate process performance

2.    Ubiquitous Resource & Asset Tracking and Management

  • Integrated active and passive RFID platform for real-time resource and asset utilization tracking
  • Integration of RFID and sensor networks for distribution through smart mobile devices
  • Smart interaction of factory space, objects and people for intelligent factory of the future

3.    Situation Aware Production Control and Management

  • Adaptive execution for dynamic bottleneck avoidance
  • Energy aware execution and production control for demand response
  • Smart factory central nervous system for intelligent factory of the future