Manufacturing Operations Management

The Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) team focuses on three research areas, namely Operations Innovation, Inventory Management, and Planning & Scheduling to address the increasing complexity in supply chains and manufacturing operations. The target industry sectors that MOM works with are the Precision Engineering, Aerospace, Marine, and MedTech industries. 

Research RelevanceThe three research areas of the MOM team are relevant to the industries in Singapore and are used in various applications. The first area of operations innovation focuses the research on development of tools for lean best practices, operations management innovation methodology, and operational excellence framework. The second area of inventory management focuses on optimal placement of inventory with time-based service levels, multi-period semi-finished goods inventory and WIP optimisation, and methods to determine MTS-MTO items in production inventory network. The third area of planning & scheduling focuses the research on production planning & scheduling for HMLV manufacturing as well as for remanufacturing, and design and development of reactive scheduling system platform.

Research Focus

  • Operations Innovation
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning & Scheduling

Research Staff

  • Dr Joo Byung Jun
  • Dr Lim Yan Guan, Roland
  • Dr Yuan Xue Meng
  • Mr Chua Tay Jin
  • Mr Chua Ping Chong
  • Mr Cai Tian Xiang
  • Mr Chan Lai Sing
  • Mr Ma Bin
  • Mr Wang Feng Yu
  • Ms Xu Xiao Xia Laura

Contact PersonLim Roland(
ApproachThe MOM team carries out collaborative research and development projects with academic institutions and industry partners, both locally and internationally. The MOM team has research collaboration projects (CRPs) with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Penn State University, University of Oldenburg (Germany), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand (AIT), and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). It also develops and promotes technology transfer to the manufacturing industry through projects, technology licensing, seminars, and training courses.

Expertise in the MOM team include the followings:

1. Operations Innovation

  • Lean best practices
  • Operations management innovation methodology
  • Operational excellence framework

2. Inventory Management

  • Stochastic optimization for the optimal placement of inventory with time-based service levels
  • Multi-period semi-finished-goods inventory and WIP optimization in capacitated MTS- MTO system
  • Methods to determine MTS/ MTO items for production inventory network

3. Planning & Scheduling

  • Integrated production scheduling & shop floor control system for PE SME
  • Hybrid metaheuristic methods for solving multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling
  • Multiple skilled manpower scheduling in manufacturing