Manufacturing System Analyses


Research RelevanceCompanies today compete not individually but as supply chains. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex as many parallel physical and information flows occur in order to ensure that products are delivered in the right quantity, to the right place in a cost effective manner. The main focus of this team is to conduct research and develop technologies that will enable companies to improve their operational performances in supply chains. Such technologies include RFID-enabled track and trace for better visibility and traceability; operational data analytics for offering solid foundation for strategic positioning, policy setting, and decision making; simulation for manufacturing system analysis and optimisation; and complex systems for risk mitigation in a complex supply chain.

Research Focus

  • Supply Chain Information Management
  • Complex Systems

Research Staff

  • Dr Chong Chin Soon
  • Dr Nguyen Quoc Chinh
  • Dr Tan Puay Siew
  • Dr Xu Chi
  • Dr Yang Dazi
  • Dr Zhang Nengsheng, Allan
  • Mr Ao Yintai
  • Ms Chan Lai Peng
  • Mr Guo Yang
  • Mr He Wei
  • Mr Heng Chen Kim
  • Mr Lee Chin Loong
  • Mr Tan Chin Sheng
  • Mr Xiao Xuejian
  • Ms Yan Wenjing

Contact PersonZhang Allan NengSheng(
ApproachThe team works closely with industry partners to testbed and transfer developed technologies. On the research side, the team collaborates with universities and research institutes, both locally and internationally, to jointly develop new techniques and methods that can be used to better support manufacturing system analysis. The team also trains both students and industry participants in our relevant areas of expertise.
  • Enterprise Integration, including Cost-effective inter-enterprise collaboration
  • Simulation of operations, enterprise and supply chain
  • RFID-enabled track and trace within the enterprise and at the supply chain
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis
  • Operational HQ Support including inventory planning, demand planning and customer profiling
  • Multi-criteria Decision Making techniques for quantitative evaluation of decision options