Sustainability and Life Cycle Management


Research RelevanceRegulatory pressures and market forces are driving the manufacturing industry towards more sustainable manufacturing processes and operations. Environmental protection and societal needs are also being increasingly recognised as important factors alongside economic objectives in measuring firm performance. The Sustainability and Life Cycle Management (SLM) team focuses on two areas of research: Sustainability Excellence Methodology for manufacturing companies, and decision-support tools/system for closed-loop manufacturing. Included is the application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology for the quantification of eco-indicators, particularly carbon footprint and life cycle costs in manufacturing industry. An important aspect of research is in the innovation of effective tools to support the industry implementation. The aim is to integrate carbon footprint and other eco-indicator quantification with value-creation and manufacturing operation improvement in the areas of energy efficiency, materials efficiency, and waste management.

Research Staff

  • Dr Low Sze Chong Jonathan
  • Dr Ng Yen Ting
  • Dr Song Bin
  • Dr Zhu Cheng-Feng
  • Mr Ao Yintai
  • Mr Sun Jian Ping
  • Ms Tan Yee Shee
  • Mr Tjandra Tobias Bestari

Contact PersonSong Bin(
ApproachThe SLM team collaborates with research institutions in technology development, and with industry partners to improve their sustainability in manufacturing. The team also transfers technologies and knowledge to the manufacturing industry through projects and training courses.
  • Carbon footprint quantification and reduction tools
  • Eco-performance assessment for products, manufacturing processes/systems and services
  • Life cycle assessment and management of manufacturing operation