Large Area Processing

To meet current and future requirements for cost-effectiveness, energy-efficient and environmental friendliness, there is a steady shift from using purely wafer-level silicon technology towards large area electronics manufacturing techniques. New processes are required to meet emerging applications including flexible display and e-paper. 

Research Focus:

  • Low Temperature Additive & Direct-Write Patterning
  • Spatially Selective Deposition of Multi-Layer Circuits & Devices
  • Conformal & Stretchable Substrates
  • Printed Supercapacitors & Batteries
  • Large Area Metamaterials for Actuators & Sensors
Research RelevanceThe group will develop integrated imprinting and jetting/printing processes, multi-functional substrate platform and wireless interface for smart sensor applications. Investigations on imprinting and jetting/printing processes for high aspect ratio passives, selective area patterning of metallic, polymeric and dielectric materials, multi-level and multi-materials patterning, fabrication of functional/ flexible substrates, and realisation of smart sensor/system on rigid and flexible substrates will be focused.
Contact PersonShan Xuechuan(
ApproachThe group is working on direct-write and high-resolution manufacturing techniques to enhance the system performance whilst maintaining the rigorous cost-effectiveness requirements. Key processes including printing, imprinting and jetting are being developed towards the goal of realising large area and flexible electronics.
  • Micro-Nano Patterning
  • Screen Printing
  • Imprinting & Embossing
  • Ink-Jetting
  • Multi-layer Substrate Fabrication
  • Signal Integrity Design & Analysis
  • Embedded Passives Integration
Research Showcases