Abrasive Processes


Research Relevance

Surface finishes affect product performance as well as aesthetic. Surface roughness, edge profile, and sub-surface integrity are critical factors that affect product functionality, durability, fatigue and appearance. Fine finishing of a surface is usually carried out with the use of appropriate abrasives and finishing technology so as to ensure the resultant surface meets the intended application requirement. The Abrasive Processes team responds to industry feedback and work in the areas of mass finishing, high productivity finishing and edge deburring of exotic aero-alloys, stainless steel, and brittle materials such as glass and ceramics. It performs R&D for the purpose of understanding the process characteristics, abrasive and workpiece material interaction, material removal mechanism, and abrasive degradation issues.

Research Focus

  • Grinding
    • High speed grinding of honeycomb wall without burr generation
    • Ductile mode grinding of brittle workpieces
  • Polishing
    • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) for optical quality surfaces
  • Non-traditional process
    • Vibratory finishing and deburring of aerospace component with freeform surface
    • Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) for polishing of complex internal channels
    • AFM for burrs removal, controlled and selective removal of external surface damage
    • Magneto-rheological Finishing (MRF) of freeform surface for brittle and ductile materials
    • Drag finishing of aeroengine discs and abrasive media characteristic

Research Staff

Team Leader: Dr Sato Takashi

  • Dr Asma Perveen
  • Dr Liu Feng
  • Dr Tian Yebing
  • Ms Ang Yu Jing
  • Ms Au Ka Hing Candice
  • Mr Ng Seow Tong


  • High Speed (10,000 RPM) Grinder from Okamoto
  • Ewag 6-axis Cutter Grinder
  • CMP Equipment from Okamoto
  • Vibratory Finishing Bowls and Trough from Walther Trowel and Rosler
  • AFM Equipment from Extrude Hone
  • MRF CNC Machine

  • Burr-less grinding of ductile materials and ductile-mode grinding of brittle materials
  • High efficiency CMP process development to sub-micron surface flatness and nanometer surface roughness
  • Abrasive machining of internal flow channels in the die and mould industry and complex surfaces used in aerospace, automotive and medical devices
  • Mass finishing of PE parts and exotic aero-alloys
  • Rapid (high efficiency)-MRF to mirror-finish, free-form and intricate surfaces such as aerospace components and moulds
  • Drag finishing for break sharp edge and sub-surface damage investigation