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Industry partnerships with SMEs

A*STAR launched the pilot Innovation Factory led by its Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) in partnership with Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

Under this initiative, A*STAR scientists and engineers will help companies, particularly local SMEs, design and create new products through design thinking strategies and manufacturing capabilities, to help them move up the value chain and become more competitive. This will take place in three stages: ideation, design and engineering. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, A*STAR will pull engineering expertise from across its research institutes and our vibrant local R&D ecosystem for these collaborations. Companies looking to reinvent existing products may also find the initiative useful.

Fourteen local SMEs from a diverse mix of sectors joined the Innovation Factory as members (list below) today. Under the initiative, SIMTech has kicked off more than ten projects to enable members to discover the value of human centered innovation and at the same time, empathising and co-creating with them to solve their problems.

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) and Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA) also joined the initiative as strategic partners to help encourage product innovation amongst industry players together with A*STAR.

Members and Industry Partners

Applied Total Control (ATC) Treatment Pte Ltd

Applied Total Control Treatment Pte Ltd (ATC), incorporated in 2004  provides a one stop solution for metal finishing services including plating of zinc, nickel, chromium, gold, silver, chrome, various type of anodizing for aluminium, conversion coating such as passivating and phosphating including powder coating and wet painting services. ATC serves serve a broad base of industries including aerospace, telecommunication, oil and gas, semiconductors, bio medical and optical. It has an annual turnover of $8M for surface treatment and $4M for coating services respectively with 170 staffs in Singapore and another 155 staffs in Malaysia. ATC has designed and deployed 260 swab booths to Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) in response to the pandemic. 

From the various feedback from healthcare workers, ATC is seeking to collaborate with SIMTech's Innovation Factory to develop an improved booth that will be more comfortable for healthcare workers and compact.


Mr Marcus Sia

Founder and Managing Director
Applied Total Control Treatment Pte Ltd (ATC)

Mr Marcus Sia, Singaporean, founder and Managing Director of Applied Total Control Treatment Pte Ltd (ATC), established his Surface Engineering Company in 2004. He has many years of entrepreneur experiences. 

Presently, Marcus Sia has 6 setups in Singapore and Malaysia, serving more than 300 customers in different industries, eg Aerospace, Medical, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas and other industries. With his experiences, he has expanded the customers base over the years.

Beyond Bynd Pte Ltd

Born from the passion of creating innovative designs and seeing ideas become reality, Beyond Bynd is an On-Demand 3D Printing Service Bureau based in Singapore. Helmed by a team of passionate individuals, we strive to push the limits of Additive Manufacturing. 

We provide a range of value-added services, such as reverse engineering, product development, end-to-end manufacturing, optimisation of parts, designing or redesigning of parts.

Josephine Go
Head of Business Development
Beyond Bynd Pte Ltd

With more than 12 years of experience in management and 16 years of business development experience in the technical training industry, Ms Josephine had the opportunity to work with clients in various industries such as oil & gas, power plants, consumers, manufacturing, and industrial sectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Kuwait. 

She is experienced in helping organisations identify their needs and offering solutions to bring projects to completion. She is passionate about what she does and has long-term clients such as Shell, Petronas, Zeon and Malakoff, JGC.

Blue InCube Pte Ltd

Blue InCube was set up in 2017 as a joint venture with Blue Ocean Robotics Denmark. In 2019, Blue Ocean Robotics had a change of their business strategy and we then become Blue InCube Pte Ltd with Blue Ocean Robotics as a collaborative partner. We are now a 100% Singapore entity with 3 Singaporean shareholders.

Mission Statement
Blue InCube Pte Ltd (formerly Blue Ocean Robotics SEA Pte Ltd) is a venture builder based in Singapore with focus in robotics, A.I. and robots data analytics related ventures in SE Asia. The process to allow innovation to take off needs to be conceptualised, structured, nurtured and brought to market with the appropriate funding to conduct such level of activities 

Our Business

  • We work with enterprising founders, industry domain partners and innovation teams to create, nurture and invest in robotics related businesses
  • We focus on businesses, powered, and transformed through the innovative application of robotics, automation, sensors, and data analytics software.
  • We create, innovate, scale, and invest within the focus area of robotics 
  • We leverage on a series of iterative and continuous improvement process of venture building at every stage of our ventures’ growth from Discovery to Market.

Our Activities
Our 1st internal venture from discovery / create - Claritas Technology was established in 2018 to spearhead the development of nascent capabilities to digitise and automate the building inspection process. Our propriety solution, powered by advanced sensors, high performance drones and AI-driven analytics, equips building owners and managers with a fast, reliable, and cost-effective means to inspect and ensure building safety with confidence. 

We partner with start-up at the innovate stage by introducing partners in our Supply Chain to manufacture the robotics systems - AiTreat Robotics. By creating a robotic system for soft tissue therapeutic treatment, we hope to tackle the shortage of skilled massage therapists while at the same time providing world-class healthcare treatment and lowering costs for the people. 

We are currently working with a start up to establish their venture, walk with them on  their go to market strategy and their funding programs - SPEEDCARGO Technologies offers a suite of robotics and AI technologies for optimizing yield and increasing productivity in the logistics industry.

CargoEye = instant, accurate dimensioning
CargoMind = intelligence for cargo sales
CargoArm = automated cargo handling 

Blue InCube Business
Working with overseas partners to expand their Asia /  SEA market presence
We work with the Blue Ocean Robotics Denmark Business Development and marketing team to launch the products in Asia.

  • GoBe Robots BEAM telepresence robot
  • UVD Robots UV disinfection robot
  • GoBe Robots GoBe telepresence robot

We also represent other robotics solution providers in Asia

  • SER Robotics Service Patrol Robot

We conduct the following

  • Create market awareness through trade shows, social media promotions
  • Build Up use cases / application examples with potential end-users
  • Market Research and marketing program development
  • Generate sales through the network of local resellers
  • Providing technical support to end users

In summary, Blue InCube differentiates our self by actively participating, walking the journey with our venture partners while putting our experiences and our business networks and partners to make the journey a smoother one to reach our commercialisation goal. 


Peter TAN
B.Sc. Physics, Grad Dip in BA
CEO / Partner at Blue InCube Pte Ltd

35 years in capital equipment business for electronics, semiconductor, industrial and transportation sector with management responsibilities for business development, technical sales / distribution, marketing and customer service support services, manufacturing operations & supply chain management and management advisory. 

Experienced in green fields set up in Suzhou, China and business operations and management in France and Hungary.

Chemtron Pte Ltd

Being inspired by Innovation, Chemtron Pte Ltd was established in 1996 to lead the industry by providing valuable technologies and solutions for our clients. We carry a complete portfolio of 3D Solutions that are making rapid head way into various industries such as manufacturing, medical, jewellery, aerospace, dental and more.

Through the trust and support of our clients, we have successfully installed our solutions into leading institutions and commercial enterprises across South East Asia. 

Our value added services include 3D Consultancy, 3D Designing, 3D Scanning Services, 3D Printing services as well as Training.

We are passionate about continuously pushing the boundaries of possibilities by embracing key technologies and successfully implementing them.


Tony Moochala
Business Development Manager
Chemtron Pte Ltd

Tony Moochala is the Business Development Manager of Chemtron Pte Ltd. His passion is to empower companies with 3D Solutions to help them adopt cutting edge technologies to save them cost and increase productivity. This is done by truly understanding the bottlenecks and difficulties   customers face and providing the correct solution for them.

Since joining Chemtron in 2015, Tony has managed to get distributorship for world famous 3D brands such as Markforged, Bigrep, XYZ and Peel 3D Scanners. He has also managed to expand Chemtron's presence into Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Bangladesh. At Chemtron, he is always on the lookout for new and better technologies in the 3D Industry to provide the best for his clients.

Data Terminator Pte Ltd

Data Terminator is a Data Leakage Protection Specialist providing certified equipment and professional services for secure electronic data erasure, destruction and IT asset disposal. It is managed by experienced and security-cleared specialists with more than 30 years of IT and security experience.

Data Terminator has a wide range of high performance and comprehensive Certified Data erasure software and Certified destruction equipment by the US Department of Defence (DoD) and National Security Agency (NSA). All members of Data Terminator in Singapore team are security cleared to meet the stringent security requirements of the Government agencies.

It’s professional data termination services either at customer’s site or at its secure facility is the only one in Singapore to be full compliance to the required standards to give customers complete peace of mind and confidence in security, We are the only provider certified for military-grade sanitisation practice in Singapore. With full commitment to the highest quality and standards, our secure data destruction and IT asset disposal processes are both ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified, meeting the International quality and environmental standards.

Data Terminator has been awarded the Cybersecurity Award 2020 – SME (Vendor) Category.


Mr Donald Wee

Managing Director
Data Terminator Pte Ltd

Mr Donald Wee is the Managing Director of Data Terminator Pte Ltd, an information leakage protection specialist company which he co-founded in 2007. 

Prior to this, Donald served an illustrious 23 years of service in the Ministry of Defence. As a Military Officer holding the rank of MAJOR, Donald was the Head of Military Security Department (MSD) Data Centre with extensive experience in operational and strategic cutting-edge IT security. In the 23 years career with MINDEF, Donald's involved in several key projects, amongst them were the setting up of MSD Data Centre, a secure Archival System for sensitive management project, setting up of System Management Centres in MINDEF/SAF, and implementing solutions on Secure Erasure and Destruction of storage media and critical data. 

With his vast experience as a senior military security officer, Donald has developed and honed his ability to craft and conceptualize complex IT security solutions for operational and strategic applications and all these helps in establishing high standards of security practices in managing Data Terminator’s operations. 

Donald is an active Executive Committee member of the Cybersecurity Chapter in SGTech since 2010. He has been awarded the Senior Information Security Professional at the 4th Annual (ISC)² Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements Program, as well as the 2015 Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award. Donald also contributes actively as a frequent speaker at IT security seminars for Government ministries, Singapore Technologies, Polytechnics and conferences like the GovernmentWare. He holds a Master Degree in Business IT from the Curtin University of Technology in Australia and is happily married with a teenage daughter. 

Delphic Manufacturing Solution Pte Ltd

With more than two decades of experience and constant improvement, Delphic Manufacturing Pte Ltd is a specialist in High-Mix Low-Volume precision tooling with our engineering base in Singapore. Focusing on innovative engineering, Delphic has expanded our capabilities to include turnkey automation, sheet metal structures & additive manufacturing by building a knowledge-based work force & a strong innovation culture. 

Our people centric development has been recognized by Enterprise Singapore & NTUC and we are proud to have been featured in Channel News Asia & MediaCorp for employee training policies. In our journey to improve operation effectiveness, we started to digitalize our manufacturing & back office processes since 2018, to provide our customers with more effective & efficient engineering solutions. 


Mr Tan Ru Ding

Delphic Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Joining the family business in 2008, Mr Tan Ru Ding is the second-generation leader of Delphic Manufacturing Pte Ltd. Under his leadership, he has transformed the company from a Chinese traditionalist to a culture of innovation & creativity with a strong business foundation. 

His energetic leadership approach is infectious and as such, was appointed as the youth council chairman for the Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Association (SPETA), bringing increased collaboration between the 2nd generation business owners of Singapore engineering companies.

Ecospec Pte Ltd

Ecospec is a green technology company that incessantly researches and develops cost-effective environmental solutions for diverse industrial and commercial applications. Founded in 2001, Ecospec has established itself globally as a pioneer and market leader in advanced water treatment and sustainable green technologies, receiving multiple recognitions and worldwide accolades. The fast-paced developments and constant assurance that we are always technically ahead of others, enabled numerous filed technology patents. Amongst which, the ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) technology is one of our most highly regarded technology due to its countless possibilities of applications.

Ecospec has envisaged a long-term objective of contributing to green environment, investing millions of dollars into its R&D work, and relentlessly committed to inventions of eco-friendly solutions in protecting and safeguarding the environment. With these values in mind, Ecospec will continue to uphold its global presence as the leader of revolutionary environmental technologies. After more than two decades of industrial experience using its core ULF technology, Ecospec is launching its first domestic product to better the life of humanity.


Mr Chew Hwee Hong

Founder and Managing Director
Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd and Ecospec NovelTech Pte Ltd

Mr Chew Hwee Hong is the founder and Managing Director of Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd and Ecospec NovelTech Pte Ltd.

Mr. Chew graduated with a Diploma in Marine Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic in 1975 and obtained his Chartered Marine Engineer in 1978. He is also a fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering and Science and Technology UK (FIMarEST).

Prior to founding Ecospec, Mr. Chew was the manager for Repair Division in Singapore Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd till 1979 when he joined the corrosion company DIMET. He spent 12 years in DIMET heading the Cathodic Protection Division for international business and in 1986, he became the first Chairman for Corrosion Association in Singapore, an affiliated section of NACE USA, currently known as NACE Singapore.
After leaving DIMET, he set up his own company with businesses in retail, property development and engineering and in 2001 he founded Ecospec, which is an environmental technology and R&D company. There are more than 30 green patents filed or granted so far including the latest technologies and inventions of using low frequency electromagnetic wave for water, oil and emission environment control treatments. After more than two decades of industrial experience using its core ULF technology, Ecospec is launching its first domestic product to better the life of humanity.

Edible Innovations Pte Ltd

Edible Innovations Pte Ltd is the first startup to address the problems of plastic waste and poor urban nutrition with a single product. Every year, Singaporeans throw away 500 million units of disposable cutlery items. We need to work together to bring that number down! Our company has created the perfect solution: CRUNCH Cutlery. Every CRUNCH Cutlery you use is one less plastic cutlery polluting our environment. 

Ms Anna Lam
Edible Innovations Pte Ltd

Mr Sean Neo
Edible Innovations Pte Ltd

Mr Ezra Chan
Edible Innovations Pte Ltd

Ms Anna Lam is a cooking enthusiast who decided to make her own edible cutlery during the circuit breaker period – an idea she first came across 5 years ago and have been obsessed with ever since!

Anna is true multidisciplinarian with experience in F&B, Consulting and Brand Management. After graduating from SMU in 2015, she proceeded to work in BreadTalk Group and subsequently MARS INC as a Regional Analyst
Mr Sean Neo is a dedicated sustainability advocate, Sean is a champion of sustainability practices and spends his weekends doing beach cleanups! As the Assistant Sales Manager at Shinpuru Solutions Pte Ltd, Sean is intimately connected with F&B partners and is a great asset for developing B2B network connections.
Mr Ezra Chan, having worked as a Management Consultant at Accenture for four years, Ezra is currently a Project Manager at DARAZ (Alibaba Group). Ezra’s experience in finance and business management makes him an asset to the business as we expand and require smart business solutions for financial management.

Flexmech Engineering Pte Ltd

Flexmech Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1983 as a machine tools trading house focusing on high end machine tools for the electronic manufacturing houses. We have since grown to a regional manufacturing solutions provider focusing on ultra-precision grinding, honing, drilling & CNC machinery integrated with next generation solutions like Industry 4.0, Automation & Additive Manufacturing. 

With the second generation of leadership on board, Flexmech aims to bridge global cutting edge manufacturing technologies into Asia for and continuously improve our service commitment & technological offerings to the region, specifically for the Aerospace landing gear MRO services, Automotive Hydraulics, Electronics Mold & Die and Medical device manufacturing. 


Mr Tan Ru Jin

Flexmech Engineering Pte Ltd 

Mr Tan Ru Jin is Flexmech’s second generation leader, the elder of two brothers taking over from the reins from founder Mr Ron Tan in 2018. Joining the business in 2011, Ru-Jin & his brother Tan Ru-Ding works together as a formidable partnership to lead the company towards a long term business transformation journey, focusing on technology & innovation offerings to stay ahead of the regional competition. 

His 5-year digitalization plan in 2018, which garnered attention and support from government agencies, has set the foundation of Flexmech’s improving market effectiveness & sustainability. 

He believes that the future lies in integrating technology, such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, with people’s expertise to create an innovative & sustainable business. 

GIN LEE Studio Pte Ltd

GINLEE Studio was founded in 2011 by designers Gin Lee & Tamir Niv. Coming together as designers from two different disciplines, design is, and always will be, at the core of what we do. In a world where garments are churned out rapidly, our laborious process is deemed as luxury in today’s pace of fast fashion. We take immense pride in creating beautiful, thoughtfully-designed pieces that are mainstays in ones’ wardrobe. Equipped with Fashion and Industrial design backgrounds, our passion extends towards 3d elements that not only flatter the female form, but make wearable pieces of art. Good design is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, and we strive to achieve the perfect marriage between both. 

Here at GINLEE Studio, we're all about Making Fashion Matters.


Mr Tamir Niv 
Industrial Designer and Co-founder
GIN LEE Studio Pte Ltd

Mr Tamir Niv is an Industrial Designer and co-founder of GINLEE Studio, a lifestyle design studio which focus on womenswear currently. Our studio began in 2010 as we search for a way to connect our homes. Localness and doing things that is more meaningful has always been in our heart. Our work tends to be quite textural, and the evolvement of a 2D material onto a 3D form is where our strength lies as a cross disciplinary studio of Fashion and Industrial design. Currently our industry is plighted by overproduction. Decades of pushing customers expectation for newness, speed and encouraging disposability has taken its tolls on our environment and resources. 
My area of research as a participant of Good Design Research program, is “Make in Shop” as a new business and production model. Taking the craft of pleating as a form of last-mile production, we are exploring various way that pleats can transform the base product.
Most importantly as a retailer, we wanted this to fit in organically into a retail environment. That would be to create an Order on Demand business without going back in time to individual made to measure. So no tailor shop. By choosing to localise the production, we have began our quest to modernising the craft.

Liquinex Group Pte Ltd

Liquinex is a  water innovation company, specialising in industrial water treatment and recycling using ceramic membrane as our core technology. Since our incorporation in 2015, we have developed compact water treatment systems for both industrial as well as humanitarian applications. 

Water scarcity is a world crisis today and some 800 million people in the world go without clean water. Unclean water results in over a million childhood deaths per year. In 2016, Liquinex was given a challenge by a Humanitarian agent to develop a water treatment suitcase as a form of evolution from the bicycle and pedal type of systems typically used by humanitarian aid. Liquinex has created a compact water treatment system for rural and disaster relief efforts providing clean drinking water to some 600 people per day from a suitcase. 


Bashir Ahmad
Liquinex Group Pte Ltd

Bashir has over 20 years of diversified experience in environmental engineering, water management, and natural gas infrastructure development comprising of over 13 years’ experience in engineering and project management in the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and private sector. He also has seven years of experience in planning and development as a Senior Engineer and Deputy Director in the National Environment Agency (NEA) under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore.

Extensively well networked and skilled in Water/Environmental Engineering work, his experience in project management includes key National infrastructure projects in the areas of water treatment, power generation/alternative fuel and pollution control systems. He helped start up a niche offshore geotechnical company, Bluestone Offshore Pte Ltd (BSO), as Chief Technology Officer and subsequently, acquired a marine engineering company, Techmaster Engineering as a local Director. 

He is currently the CEO/Technical Director of Liquinex Group Pte Ltd, providing specialist consultancy and engineering services in water treatment to the Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Mining and other industries in Singapore and abroad. In particular, Bashir specialises in the development and manufacturing of water treatment systems using next generation ceramic membrane technologies. He possesses a strong regional network of experts, professional and industry partners in the area of energy and water treatment.

JAH Tech Pte Ltd

JAH Tech was established in 2019 in Singapore to spearhead global technology commercialization, licensing and partnership formation for our group of Deep Tech research laboratories. In the past 20 years, the work by these labs covered a diverse spectrum of technology research. JAH Tech holds the commercial rights to a wide portfolio cutting edge technologies and works actively with partners globally to empower these technologies towards a positive, lasting impact in everyday life and environment.


Mr Tan Chong Hui

JAH Tech Pte Ltd

Coming from an Information Systems background, Mr Tan Chong Hui is a veteran entrepreneur with experiences growing start-up companies with regional presence. With the breakthrough technologies from JAH Tech, Mr Tan is confident of making an impact to the world through JAH Tech’s proprietary technologies over the next few years.

JM Vistec Systems Pte Ltd

JMVS was established in 2004 as a machine vision component wholesaler/distributor in Singapore. As a distributor, we carry over 20 renowned brands in Machine Vision industry globally. Our products include industrial camera, industrial lens, illumination & controls, imaging processing software, sensors, lighting, frame grabber, lighting and lens controller, artificial intelligence and accessories. 

As a customer-centric SME, our mission is to help our customer resolve challenging product inspection requirements solution. We have ventured into the APAC region which includes Singapore (HQ), Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan. Through the years, sales has expanded across Asia. 

As competition grew, our differentiation strategy is geared towards providing value-added services such as consultation, customization, software integration, vision solution and vision system to our clients. In addition, we strive to ensure that our clients’ needs/requests are always our top priority and taken care of professionally and efficiently to the best of our ability. Besides, our aim is to establish partnerships with core suppliers to achieve high standards and deliver value-added services to our clients. 


Mr Eugene Goh 

JM Vistec Systems Pte Ltd 

Mr Eugene Goh is the founder of JM Vistec System. Since 2004, JMVS was set up to provide imaging solutions for machine vision industries extended from South East Asia, mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan. Through key supplier partnership, pioneering in AI solutions in the local industries and hence, managed to establish world renowned name in the Machine Vision Industries. As our service come in different shapes and sizes, we help customer to develop simple components to complex machine vision application/solutions. We ensure that every client’s needs/requests are our daily mission which push us to excel and expand to the limit of sciences and technologies. We believe in innovation will be the key to achieve sustainable growth which has been cultivated through our corporation. Only in creating value for our customer, do we find gratification in work as our biggest reward.

Kim Hin Innovation Labs Pte Ltd

As experts in the mother, baby & kids’ consumer product industry, Kim Hin International conceived Kim Hin Innovation Labs in 2015 with a mission to create brands that enhance the lives of all those who come into contact with them.

Since then, Kim Hin Innovation Labs has cultivated and debuted 3 specialist brands (Loveamme, Snapkis and Mimosa) focused on creating products for babies and children.

These brands are now sold across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in specialist stores, with the aim of expanding into more countries by 2021.


Pang Fu Wei 
Group Managing Director
Kim Hin Innovation Labs Private Ltd

Pang Fu Wei is the Group Managing Director of Kim Hin International (KHI) - the mother and baby group known for bringing in brands like Mothercare, Cybex, Tommee Tippee, and Jujube to Singapore. Fu Wei joined the family business seven years ago and spent his first four years in every business function before taking on the role of Managing Director in 2017. Having learnt the business from the ground up, Fu Wei brings a keen sense of business acumen to the role. During his time in the organisation, Fu Wei oversaw the acquisition of toy retailer, Early Learning Centre, the implementation of eCommerce, the launch of the world’s first Mothercare experience store concept, and the brand development of Snapkis, Mimosa, Love Amme, and Sparkle Clean. 

Fu Wei currently serves as a councillor on the Singapore Retailers Association and was the youngest member admitted into Young Presidents’ Organisation back in 2017. He is also currently serving on their executive committee.

Line8 Pte Ltd

Line8 Pte Ltd, incorporated in 2014, specializes in customized power track systems for homes, offices, and professional facilities. Line8 currently have 3 full time staff and 3 part-time staffs, with 2 of the full-time staff involve in R&D. It expects to achieve annual sales of $1M in FY20. The company takes pride in their product being developed and made in Singapore with two patents related to safety and receptacle and mechanical locking system.Line8 Pte Ltd was founded by Kenneth Ong with the goal of improving the durability and safety of the power track form-factor. With more than 10 years of experience in the power track business, the Line8 Power Rail System is a great product defined by its integration of its form and function.

They are looking at building capabilities in Mechanical design, IoT and Info-comm technologies. The power rail power distribution concept allows users to add, remove and reposition power outlets for convenience, safety, and aesthetic purposes. In the current product offering, both by Line8 or other leading companies, the power rail concept is not a standard, our tap-off units are typically adaptors which will adapt our conventional British/US/EU sockets to the power track key. This pose unnecessary hassle for the user and complexity, inter-connect points and bulkiness to the overall concept. There are opportunities for innovation and improvements can be made to the product.


Mr Kenneth Ong 

Line8 Pte Ltd 

Mr Kenneth Ong founded Line8 with a couple of product and technical drawings on graph papers. With the goal of improving the durability and safety of the power track form-factor. Being passionate and trained in; Medical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Photography gives Kenneth insights which bridges across multiple disciplines. With over 10 years’ experience in the power track business, Kenneth embraces that this is the concept for the future. The Line8 Power Rail System is a truly great product which is defined by its integration of its form and function.

Orcadesign Consultants Pte Ltd

Orcadesign Consultants is a forward-thinking innovation and strategy consultancy firm with over 25 years of experience in creating impactful solutions. We work closely with government agencies, global brands, SMEs and start-ups to solve problems, uncover business opportunities, and innovate with the aim to grow sustainably. Adopting a human-centred and dynamic approach towards innovation, we identify consumer trends and understand underlying user needs and motivations, before translating them into meaningful insights to drive product and service design innovation. Our work has gained international recognition such as the President’s Design Award (Singapore), iF, Universal Design Award, IDEA Award and Geneva Innovation Awards. 


  • Design Thinking methodology and process
  • Ethnographic research and insights leading to innovation opportunities
  • Design Thinking workshop planning/facilitation tailored to suit clients’ needs
  • Business Model Innovation
  • User-centred design innovation
  • Translation of design opportunities into tangible innovation
  • Product/digital/service design development and implementation

Jeremy Sun
Orcadesign Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Design Director of Orcadesign, an award-winning strategic design & research consultancy with studios in Singapore and Malaysia. He has also been on both ends of design awards, as jury and as an award-winning team lead, with international accolades.
  • Experienced in Customer Experience Design, leading Design Thinking and ethnography research and innovation programmes for both fortune 500 companies, Singapore government agencies, international brands, local corporates, SMEs and educational institutions, guiding the stakeholders to reframe challenges, create compelling visions and propositions, and craft innovations that resonate with their target audiences.
  • Active in design education and promotion, having lectured in various design institutions and international design camps, training and mentoring the new generation of designer and innovators.
    Lent his experience and insight to help sculpt Singapore’s master plans in the creative industry, having been appointed to advise various Singapore government agencies.
  • Co-founder of Galen Growth Asia, an independent organisation based in Singapore, with the objective of developing the HealthTech ecosystem in Asia.

pFibre Pte Ltd

pFIBRE Pte Ltd is a resin manufacturing company that makes biodegradable flexible packaging film. pFIBRE offers sustainable, fully biodegradable B2B packaging solutions for circular economies. Unlike other products on the market, pFIBRE products will not break down into micro-plastics or pose a danger to wildlife. 

Not only are pFIBRE products sustainable, but all their components are also ethically sources, and all producers are treated fairly. pFIBRE aims to be completely transparent about the way it treats both nature and people, and is committed to fair trade, fair wages, and sustainable practices. Wherever pFIBRE operates, we work with the local community to provide great products and services, while at the same time transforming local lives for the better.


Prakruti Kodali 

pFibre Pte Ltd

Prakruti Kodali has over 7 years of experience in driving growth strategy, business transformation, and innovation management, Prak has taken a plunge into Entrepreneurship to build on her purpose: to make this world a better place for the generations to come. An intense combination of her business acumen and people centricity is bringing pFIBRE closer to organisations craving sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. Prak’s crazy belief that she can change the world is what makes her push harder and hustle her way through challenges & adversities.


Dinaz Zenobia Tamboli
pFibre Pte Ltd

Dinaz earned her PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Monash University in Australia. During her PhD, she specialized in engineering the materials needed to increase the life of the F/A-18 combat aircraft. After a detour through China where she studied Chinese and taught materials and engineering as assistant professor at Beihang University, she moved to Singapore to co-found pFIBRE. A polyglot, lifelong learner, scuba diver and lover of adventure, Dinaz identifies strongly as a global citizen and, as such, believes in globally impactful solutions to challenging problems.

Product Development Solutions Pte Ltd

Product Development Solutions (PDS) Pte Ltd is an education, training, and design consultancy company. PD Solutions was founded in 2003 with offices and certified training centres in Singapore, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur.

PDS promotes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise software for all stages of the Engineering Product Development Process. PDS receive design and training support from their software partners like PTC, ANSYS, Moldex3D, Future Facilities, CAESS, Lambda and GeometricPLM. Their main customers are product companies, and companies providing design services, system integrators, research, and educational institutes.

PDS provides software and consulting on the following:

  • PTC Creo 3D software for mechanical engineering, design, and manufacturing
  • PTC Vuforia Chalk and Studio, Kepware, Thingworx IIoT Platform for content creators, application and IoT solutions
  • Engineering tools DFMPRO and PTC MathCAD
  • PLM tools like Thingworx navigate, PTC Windchill
  • Simulation tools like FLOWNEX SE, ANSYS, CAESS ProTOp, CREO Simulate, MOLDEX3D, TRACEPRO, 6SIGMADCX, 6SIGMAET, CAST Designer, Form Advisor
  • Production planning and execution tools like SIMATIC IT Unifies Architecture, SIMATIC IT Preactor AP, Simatic IT Preactor AS

PDS certified trainers conduct regular classes for the abovementioned software tools.


Mr Tay Ming Hui 

PD Solutions Pte Ltd

Mr Tay Ming Hui has more than 30 years of industry experience especially in the areas of Product Life Cycle Managements and Mechanical Design. He founded PD Solutions Pte Ltd in 2003 and have grown PD Solutions to be a leading value-added reseller in the region. He was the senior regional director for PTC, a US listed software company, running the South Asia (Asean, Australia, New Zealand) and Pakistan regions for almost a decade. He started his career as an R&D engineer in Singapore Technologies and is one of the early adopters in using 3D modelling software in the regions. Ming Hui has a Master of Science Degree in Material Engineering and Bachelors Degree in Mechanical and Product Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.

SANWA Plastic Industry Pte Ltd

SANWA was established in 1977, and our business is providing plastic injection components in the PE industry. The company has evolved from providing low value consumer products to highly precision plastic components, sub-module in the sector of Industrial & energy, Automotive, Office automation & Bio-Medical.

Head Quartered in Singapore, SANWA has also started regionalization & has set up manufacturing site in Indonesia, China, Malaysia & India, & has formed fruitful partnership & JV with local partners as well as with the US & Japan in search of diversifying into higher value & new sector of Industry. As next step of transformation for the company, SANWA has joined SIMTEC Innovation Platform to tap on SIMTEC expertise in  Product development & hope to be a value partner with the consortium members. SANWA ambition will be to able to produce products that will be relevant to the markets we serve in the near future.


Mr Lim Soon Huat

General Manager
SANWA Plastic Industry Pte Ltd 

Mr Lim Soon Huat is the General Manager and joined SANWA in 1990, as business development, and currently has progressed as General Manager in SANWA. His roles in SANWA include daily operation and identify areas of technological improvement, market expansion, and overall execution of plant operation as designated. 

He has over more than 30 years’ experience in the field of plastic molding, tool making, operation, & setting up of oversea plant.

Smooder Pte Ltd

Smooder Private Limited aims to revolutionise the entire smoothie industry through providing a subscription plan for the following 2 categories of products to businesses and individuals alike:

  • Proprietary Smooder machine that allows for a fuss free and convenient smoothie blending experience with self-cleaning functionalities
  • Nutritious fruit and vegetable Smooder cups that are jam packed with options catered to customer needs – immunity booster, meal replacement, protein etc.

Our products are carefully thought out and customised for people who find it hard to consume sufficient portions of fruits and vegetables, especially when they are busy at work. With a Smooder machine right in their office pantry, they can now have fast and convenient access to a healthy and nutritious drink.


Henry Tan

Smooder Pte Ltd

Smooder is led by Henry who has been in a supply chain profession for the past 12 years of his career and education. Henry has in-depth knowledge on the business operations side (logistics, warehousing, inventory management and planning) and business management (sales forecasting and material requirement planning) through his previous career experiences.

Weston Robot Pte Ltd

Weston Robot is a deep-tech robotics company with its head quarter in Singapore. Weston Robot’s business covers a wide range of in-house developed robot development toolboxes, robot platforms and robotics solutions. Weston Robot has released Robot Deployment Toolbox, Robot Assisted Driving Toolbox and Robot Maintenance Toolbox. These toolboxes greatly accelerate the robot deployment in different industrial sectors and reduce the deployment costs.

Weston Robot’s robot platforms include exoskeletons, indoor and outdoor mobile robots, quadruped robots, unmanned surface vehicles and robotic arms and hands. The robotic solutions cover autonomous outdoor and indoor patrolling robots, construction inspection robots, logistics robots, disinfection robots, mask detection and social distance checking robots, as well as unmanned garbage collection robots for ponds and reservoirs.


Dr Zhang Yanliang

Weston Robot Pte Ltd

Dr Zhang Yanliang is the founder and chief scientist at Weston Robot, a Singapore-based deep-tech robotics company. Yanliang received his bachelor in computer engineering, and Ph.D. in robotics from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) in 2006 and 2010, respectively. He did his robotics research at University of Toronto in Canada from 2010 to 2011 and served as the founding robotics product and industry manager at MathWorks in Boston, USA from 2011 to 2015. 

Dr Zhang is a serial entrepreneur, with his first deep-tech startup acquired by a US company in 2011. He is a passionate evangelist helping researchers and students transfer their innovations from labs to startups with proven track records. He managed a few investment funds and invested several startups. He serves as a visiting professor, chief scientist and startup mentor in top universities, institutions, incubators, and private funds, and is often invited to give courses at top MBA programmes.


Founded in 2012, XM Studios is a Singapore-based global design studio specialising in the creation of hand-crafted luxury collectibles. XM Studios is recognised annually by various international industry bodies as one of the best design houses in pop culture collectibles, having scooped up numerous awards from community-led events such as the Statue Forum Awards.

XM Studios was the winner of Singapore's Emerging Enterprise Award in 2018 and was previously awarded a prestigious "Mickey" award by Disney for Product of the Year. Current intellectual property licenses include Disney (Marvel, Star Wars, Alien/Predator, Mickey & Friends), Warner Bros. Consumer Products (DC Comics: Batman, DC Comics: Justice League, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, The Great Gatsby), Hasbro (G1 Transformers, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons), Godzilla, Ultraman, Sanrio and more.

Ben Ang's Half Body Shot
Mr Ben Ang
XM Studios Pte. Ltd.

Mr Ben Ang, one of the founding members of XM Studios, started the company back in 2012. XM Studios is an award-winning producer of luxury art collectibles for the world’s biggest entertainment and pop culture brands. 
Ben started his career in the collectible industry 23 years ago in a small and humble hobby store. He specialises in Colour Application, Operations Management and Business Development. Ben’s first business foray was kickstarting his own airbrushing classes having taught more than 3000 hobbyists. He further expanded the business by branching out into different specialized services such as designing and fabricating cooperate gifts, building and servicing life-sized and larger-than-life sculptures for shopping malls.

Ben’s first major business milestone was successfully acquiring the contract to build and paint parts of the Singapore Zoo and Singapore Flyer attraction. Following that, he continued to acquire more contracts to build and maintain various well-known Singapore attractions. Ben's continual love for the arts eventually led him in securing XM’s very first official license from Marvel to create high-end collectibles. As the Chief Executive Officer for XM Studios, Ben oversees the overall management of the business.

Win.Win Digital Security Pte. Ltd. (“Win.Win”)

Win.Win Digital Security Pte. Ltd.(“Win.Win”) is an accomplished provider of digital printing and RFID tagging solutions. Established in 1999 in Singapore, the company has grown with its keen focus on the digital printing market and through strong emphasis on innovation together with its global partners. Their products and services are available through their offices in Singapore, China and Vietnam.

Win.Win has a proven track record of technology commercialisation. Since 2000, Win.Win has been supplying HP print system to the China government print service bureau for “scratch-and-win” tax receipt printing where over 200 systems were installed in 25 provincial cities of China. Since 2011, Win.Win has been providing a patented barcode printing system for drug track-and-trace in the pharmaceutical-industry supply chain market in China. Their barcode printing solutions have tracked over 10 billion drugs for pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, AstraZeneca, NOVARTIS, MERCK, Roche, Santen. In 2014, Win.Win introduced the first RFID encoding printing production system for RFID source tagging market. Their key customers include many leading MNCs and we are on Avery Dennison’s, TENTAC’s and NAXIS Brand Supporter’s global qualified supplier list. In 2019, they are ranked by DP Information Group as a Singapore SME 1000 company for accomplishments and service.


Mr Sanfran Moh
Founder and CEO
Win.Win Digital 

Mr Sanfran Moh is the founder and CEO of Win.Win Digital Security Pte Ltd. He lived in China for ten years from 1999 to 2009 to develop the Mainland China market. 

Sanfran is passionate about reaching win-win outcome in his business dealings. His visions and foresight and an acute understanding of market needs keep the company ahead of competition with new technologies and solutions throughout the years.