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CyberSecurity cSuite
*This is a non-WSQ module.
Co-organised with: TÜV SÜD

In recent years, adoption of the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technologies such as increased automation, deployment of wireless networks on the shopfloor, remote controls, robotics and knowledge management systems that connect business and manufacturing lines is getting a lot of traction among manufacturers. These technologies that interface with the production life-cycle (from the digital supply network to the smart factory through the connected objects, process, and digital assets) enable the businesses to improve productivity and competitiveness through cost control, better planning and fast recovery for all manufacturers independent of their size and sector.

The competitive advantage reached by the deployment of I4.0 technologies comes however with an increased risk of vulnerability to the cyber threats for the company. There are unique cyber risks faced by each element of the digital value chain and connected production assets. The human factor becomes the single biggest threat to assets and operations.

The senior management therefore, should anticipate and effectively address cyber risks as well as proactively integrate cybersecurity into their strategy to assure ROI from the new technologies. This translates into integrating cyber risks into the strategic risk management to capture the business value coming from I4.0 deployment.

It is crucial that the senior management establishes a solid cybersecurity program to address cyber risks with a secure, safe, and resilient response. The company cybersecurity program should not only address mission-critical tasks but the operational continuity and recovery. This involves protecting IT (enterprise) and OT (shopfloor) assets in a coordinated manner. The key for success to secure, safe, and resilient operations is awareness of the vulnerabilities and internal and external intentional or unintentional threats.

About the Programme

This 1-day CyberSecurity Management class targets the senior management to provide the managerial level cyber awareness for taking right decisions and fundamental knowledge for ensuring cyber resilience for I4.0 technologies adoption along with the implementation of necessary measures at organisational level.

This class draws from TÜV SÜD’s training programme and experience in managing industrial cybersecurity risks to improve productivity by reducing operational costs and downtime.


Watch our webinar video held on 19 Jan 2020 to learn more about this course.

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Industry 4.0 CyberSecurity Management
(for C-Suite Level) (8 hours)

Industry 4.0 CyberSecurity Management
(for Operational Level) (16 hours)
TGS-2020504502 FD 16 Feb 2022 & 17 Feb 2022
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The two courses are jointly organised with TÜV SÜD.