Collaborative Industrial Project (CIP):

Smart Supply Chain Process Management and Innovation with Digital Workflow Automation, Blockchain Integration, and Data Mining

Smart Supply Chain Process Management and Innovation


In today’s fast-paced logistics industry, companies strive for innovative solutions to optimize supply chain processes and gain a competitive edge. SIMTech’s “Smart Supply Chain Process Management & Innovation with Digital Workflow Automation, Blockchain Integration and Data Mining” course is designed for logistics organisations and those tackling supply chain challenges.

During the 6-month course (with 10 training sessions), managers and engineers will explore the concepts and practical applications of digital workflow automation, blockchain integration, and data mining in supply chain operations. This comprehensive course combines classroom learning, exercises, and real-world implementation.

Participants begin by digitizing paper forms and automating manual workflows, enhancing supply chain processes. They will discover how digital workflow automation streamlines order fulfilment, inventory management, and logistics coordination through examples and interactive exercises.

The course then focuses on blockchain integration, exploring its potential to transform supply chain transparency, security, and traceability. Participants gain hands-on experience with Ethereum, a leading blockchain platform, and learn to customise smart contracts for supply chain challenges like product authentication and traceability.

Lastly, participants learn data mining techniques to extract valuable insights from supply chain data. They gain practical experience with tools like Excel, Orange, and Python to uncover patterns and opportunities for process improvement.

Upon completion, participants will possess the knowledge, skills, and tools to drive supply chain transformation. They will leverage on digital workflow automation, blockchain integration, and data mining to enhance supply chain efficiency, traceability, and decision-making capabilities.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital workflow automation (DWA), blockchain integration using Ethereum, and data mining techniques
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to digitize paper forms, automate workflows, and streamline business processes within their organisations using DWA
  • Gain practical experience in creating customized blockchain smart contracts for supply chain applications using Solidity
  • Learn to develop cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter for interaction with blockchain systems.
  • Understand data mining methods such as clustering, classification, and association rules for informed decision-making
  • Be able to leverage data mining outputs to extract valuable insights, optimize processes, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Have a roadmap for further exploration and implementation of DWA, blockchain integration, and data mining in their organisations

Who should attend

  • Supply chain and logistics managers and engineers
  • Managers and engineers responsible for business process streamlining, workflow automation, and digitizing paper forms
  • Members of digital transformation task forces exploring blockchain and decentralized applications
  • Data analysts and decision-makers utilizing data mining techniques
  • Sales, HR, and other managers interested in supply chain optimisation through technology integration

Sessions Information

Please refer to the brochure for details.

About the trainers

Mr Teng Wei Yuen

Mr Teng Wei Yuen is a Section Manager in the Smart Urban Logistic Group at A*STAR SIMTech, overseeing the end-to-end order fulfilment section. he specializes in emerging technologies, including blockchain, cloud technology, and mobile app development. with a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Mr Teng has played a crucial role in developing digital solutions like eDataLogger and the Digital Workflow Automation system. These innovative solutions have been successfully implemented in over 90 Singaporean companies, resulting in significant productivity enhancements through streamlined forms and workflow processes.

Dr Justin Lim

Dr Justin Lim is a Principal Technical Lead at A*STAR SIMTech. His research interests include Blockchain Smart Contracts for the construction industry and Inter-enterprise Workflow management systems. With extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, Dr Justin has held senior IT management positions and served as a CIO in large MNCs. He has successfully driven global consolidation and standardization of IT processes, applications, and infrastructure. His expertise encompasses ERP implementation, strategic planning, IT operations, supply chain management, and IT outsourcing.

Dr Simon Lin

Dr Simon Lin is a Research Scientist in the Smart Urban Logistics Group at A*STAR SIMTech. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States of America. His current research focuses on the development of text mining methods for analysing customer feedback from returned products, as well as the development of natural language processing (NLP)-based methods for processing voice and text orders.

Dr Huang Sheng

Dr Huang Sheng is a Lead Research Engineer with A*STAR SIMTech. He has more than ten years of experience in the research and development of machine learning in condition monitoring, streaming data analytics, and data mining. Dr Huang has been actively involved in several research and industry projects at SIMTech to develop an intelligent system for digital workflow automation, tool condition monitoring, streaming data analytics, and RFID track-and-trace system.

Other Information

Training Venue

Training venue

Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology,
4 Fusionopolis Way, Kinesis Building, Level 6 or Level 7,
Singapore 138635

Course Fee

Course fee

  • The programme's full fee is $5,000 (before funding) plus prevailing GST for each participant.
  • The full programme fee will be billed to the company or participant before commencement.

Contact Us

  • For technical enquiries, please contact:

Mr TENG Wei Yuen,
Section Manager,

  • For general enquiries, please contact:

Mr Alex TAY,
Industry Development Manager



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  • Smart Supply Chain Process Management And Innovation With Digital Workflow Automation, Blockchain Integration, And Data Mining
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