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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Application and Course Requirements

Are there any specific requirements to apply for a WSQ course conducted by SIMTech?

Yes, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) has specified certain prerequisites for candidates applying for any of the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses conducted by SIMTech and/or ARTC.

While each course has its own specific prerequisites, the following are the generally accepted rule:

Graduate Diploma Courses: Eligible candidates are expected to have a graduate degree. In some cases, applicants with a diploma and a minimum of 3 years of industry work experience will be considered as well.

Exceptions will be considered strictly on a merit-basis and as per SIMTech and ARTC’s discretion. Please refer to the individual course pages for the application specifications.

Are there specific deadlines to apply to the courses conducted by SIMTech?

Yes, all courses and modules have their specific deadlines (which is at least a week before the course start date) for applicants. Please refer to the respective course schedule for the applicable deadlines. Applications received after the closing date might not be entertained.

What is the application procedure like?

Once you have identified the course and/or the modules you wish to take, please submit your application online through our online registration form(s).

*All Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents can enjoy course fee funding from the Singapore government. For more information on the course fee funding you are eligible for, click here.

How will I come to know if my application to a course is successful?

Successful applicants will be notified by SIMTech and/or ARTC through their emails.

Course Completion and Graduation

What are the criteria for graduating from the courses?

Apart from classroom lectures and assignments, there will be assessment(s) conducted by the course leader in the form of a written exam and/or a practical demonstration wherever relevant. Only the successful completion of the assessment(s) will allow a participant to obtain the course certification. Failure to attend or complete any of the assessments will automatically negate your certification.

What are the modes of assessment for the courses and modules?

Each module includes a written assessment, usually in the form of questions and answer paper-based test, and in some cases, a practical demonstration test that is conducted near the completion of the module. Students must successfully complete these, meeting the minimum scores to be deemed competent, in order to graduate from the respective modules.

Can I opt to do only selected modules instead of an entire course?

Yes. Participants can opt to sign on for selected modules instead of an entire course should they wish. However, please do note that the completion of selected modules will not ensure a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering. Instead, such candidates will earn an electronic Statement of Attainment (SOA) for each module completed, not a full qualification of a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering. Click here for more information about the e-Cert.

How are the training courses conducted at SIMTech?

Most classes are conducted as a combination of classroom-based lectures and laboratory demonstrations. Each course and module has been carefully developed to incorporate SIMTech and ARTC’s industrial expertise and experiences. Our modules utilise an unique approach of real industrial case-studies and on-site training to equip students with the latest industrial know-hows. Each of our course leaders are WSQ ACTA-certified and leading experts in their respective fields. While all course leaders and a majority of module trainers are senior researchers at SIMTech and ARTC, we also bring in external professional experts to conduct classes on specific topics.

ACTA: Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment

Finance and Sponsorship

What is the cost of a complete course?

The cost of a complete WSQ training course is listed in the course brochure. Typically, the fees range from S$11,000.00 to S$18,000.00. The cost of a selected module is typically one-fifth of the cost of a complete WSQ course. As an additional bonus, Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents can enjoy course fee funding from the Singapore government.

Course Fee Funding (with effect from 1 July 2020) available for SIMTech's courses (excluding  MasterClasses) is as shown below:

Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and LTVP+ Holders Employer-sponsored and self-sponsored Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above SME-sponsored local employees (i.e Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and LTVP+ Holders)
SkillsFuture Funding
 SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) ²
 SkillsFuture Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) ¹
Up to 70% of course fee
 Up to 90% of course fee
 Up to 90% of course fee
 Up to 50% of course fee
(capped at $15/hours)
 Up to 90% of course fee
(capped at $50/hours)
Up to 90% of course fee
(capped at $50/hours)

Please note that fees and funding amount are subject to change.

  • Long Term Visit Pass Plus (LTVP+) Holders
    The LTVP+ scheme applies to lawful foreign spouses of Singapore Citizens with (i) at least one Singapore Citizen child or are expecting one from the marriage, or at least three years of marriage, and (ii) where the Singapore Citizen sponsor is able to support the family.

    All LTVP+ holders can be identified with their green visit pass cards, with the word ‘PLUS’ printed on the back of the card.

    • ¹ Under the Enhanced Training Support for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) scheme (ETSS), subject to eligibility criteria shown below.

      SMEs that meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

      • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
      • Employment size of not more than 200 or with annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million

      SME-sponsored Trainees:

      • Must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
      • Courses have to be fully paid for by the employer.
      • Trainee is not a full-time national serviceman. 

      Further Info: This scheme is intended for all organisations, including non-business entities not registered with ACRA e.g. VWOs, societies, etc. Only ministries, statutory boards, and other government agencies are not eligible under Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Scheme. Sole proprietorships which meet all of the above criteria are also eligible.

    Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit which can be used to offset course fees (for self-sponsored registrations only).

    For more information on the SkillsFuture funding schemes you are eligible for, please visit www.ssg.gov.sg

    The participants must also meet the following criteria to qualify for the SkillsFuture funding:

    • Achieve at least 75% course attendance;
    • Take all assessments; and
    • Pass the course.

    Am I eligible for government sponsorship or funding?

    All Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents can enjoy course fee funding from the Singapore government. For more information on the course fee funding you are eligible for, please visit www.ssg.gov.sg

    How can my company sponsor my course?

    Participants are encouraged to seek financial sponsorship from their respective employers. Just fill out the relevant section of the application form and have your company agree to its terms and conditions. The completed sponsorship form, together with the course registration form, must be submitted online before commencement of the course.

    Can I get a refund for the classes that I miss?

    As all course fees at SIMTech and ARTC are module-based, you can get a refund of modules not attended under certain conditions. Participants must email to the respective organising institute of their intention of dropping out of a module, strictly before classes for the specific module have commenced. No refund will be given should the participant wish to withdraw from the module, for any reason whatsoever, once the module has begun.

    Must I pay the full course fees in a lump sum?

    Participants are to make payment for each individual module's course fee before its commencement. All candidates are required to pay the nett course fee (after the Singapore government course subsidies, if eligible) before commencing on the course. Exceptions can be made, at SIMTech/ARTC’s discretion, for deserving participants. Please contact us for further information regarding possible payment plans. Acceptance of a candidate’s request for payment plan options is not guaranteed.


    When and where will the classes be conducted?

    Generally, all classes and laboratory sessions are conducted at SIMTech (Fusionopolis Two and/or CleanTech 2B, NTU).

    Should you wish to organise a special class exclusively for/at your own organisation, please fill up the online form here so we can get back to you with a customised course proposal. All available class schedules and timetables can be viewed here.

    Do I need to bring any materials of my own for the class?

    Carefully prepared course materials will be provided to all trainees. The trainees are expected to bring their own stationeries and will be informed beforehand should they be required to bring any additional materials for a specific class.

    Can I arrange for the class to be conducted specifically for my company?

    Yes, should you wish us to conduct a class especially for the employees of your company; we can help you arrange the same. You can select any of the courses currently being offered. In some cases, the class might even be conducted in the comfort of your own corporate premises, though there might be a minimum class-strength requirement for this.

    Please fill up the online form here so we can get back to you with a customised course proposal.

    What kind of certification does the programmes conducted by SIMTech confer?

    Each WSQ certificate upon the successful completion of the WSQ courses, is fully certified and recognised by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Agency. These certificates are designed to help you jump ahead in your chosen career path in the manufacturing industry in Singapore. Please note that these certificates may not be considered the equivalent of academic degrees.

    SSG Graduate Diploma Transcript
    For more information about the WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) certificate, please visit here.

    For non-WSQ courses, participants are awarded with Certificates of Attendance (COAs) by SIMTech or ARTC (the organising institute) upon course completion.