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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Application and Course Requirements

Are there any specific requirements to apply for a WSQ course conducted by SIMTech?
Are there specific deadlines to apply to the courses conducted by SIMTech?
What is the application procedure like?
How will I come to know if my application to a course is successful?

Finance and Sponsorship

What is the cost of a complete course?
Am I eligible for government sponsorship or funding?
How can my company sponsor my course?
Can I get a refund for the classes that I miss?
Must I pay the full course fees in a lump sum?

Course Completion and Graduation

What are the criteria for graduating from the courses?
What are the modes of assessment for the courses and modules?
Can I opt to do only selected modules instead of an entire course?
How are the training courses conducted at SIMTech?


When and where will the classes be conducted?
Do I need to bring any materials of my own for the class?
Can I arrange for the class to be conducted specifically for my company?
What kind of certification does the programmes conducted by SIMTech confer?