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Co-organised with: i-Cognitive

Do you regularly see losses in sales due to stock-outs? Does your organisation run into the problem of low or even zero inventories for popular items? Is your company keeping excess inventory of slow-moving products? These are some of the many problems faced in many industries. Aligning the company’s strategic planning and operational excellence is one key area that determines the success of a company. Many leading companies have implemented best practices of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to address these challenges.

S&OP is a process that equips senior management with the ability to manage the company’s business on a continuous basis. This is achieved by integrating sales and marketing plans for existing and new products while managing the supply chain, thus aligning the company’s strategic plans with its business operations.

This two-day interactive MasterClass will equip participants with the required knowledge of the S&OP process and the practical pointers to easily implement it in their organisations. The MasterClass will cover all key components of the S&OP process – its mechanics, reports, roles and responsibilities as well as the KPIs to be measured. It will also share insights, experiences, case studies, tools and practical tips extracted from companies which have implemented S&OP.

Upon Completion, You Will Gain:

  • Better understanding of implementing S&OP to align your company’s strategies and achieve operational excellence
  • Better understanding of managing your company’s business with an integrated plan that is based on consensus while balancing the service level, cost and inventory requirements
  • Better understanding of the six components in the S&OP process via a building block approach: forecasting, demand review, supply review, Balance of Trade, S&OP meeting and execution
  • Better understanding of the KPIs used to measure S&OP effectiveness
  • Practical tips on implementing S&OP through learning from successful case studies
  • Knowledge on implementing a robust and sustainable S&OP process via a clear and straightforward methodology in your organisation


Watch our webinar video held on 2 Mar 2021 to learn more about this MasterClass.

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Upon Completion of This MasterClass

Upon Completion

Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance (COA) by SIMTech if they achieve at least 75% course attendance.

Full and Nett Course Fees

Full Course Fee

The full course fee for this masterclass is $1,800 before funding and prevailing GST.

Nett Course Fee

International Participants Singapore Citizens, SPRs or LTVP+ Holders
All fees are inclusive of prevailing GST.
*After course fee subsidies from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Agency and not applicable for SkillsFuture Credit
  • Long Term Visit Pass Plus (LTVP+) Holders
    The LTVP+ scheme applies to lawful foreign spouses of Singapore Citizens with (i) at least one Singapore Citizen child or are expecting one from the marriage, or at least three years of marriage, and (ii) where the Singapore Citizen sponsor is able to support the family.

    All LTVP+ holders can be identified with their green visit pass cards, with the word ‘PLUS’ printed on the back of the card.

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MasterClass Title
Training Period Registration Status
Mastering Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Process to Align Strategies for Operational Excellence
(MasterClass in Strategic Planning for Operational Excellence - Co-organised with i-Cognitive)
FD24 & 25 Nov 2022
(In-person; SIMTech@FP2)
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