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Applying Electric Machines for Electromobility

In 2019, the combined annual sales of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles tipped over the two-million-vehicle mark for the first time. The global electric-vehicle (EV) industry continues to expand rapidly and billions of dollars are being invested by OEMs, suppliers, and emerging vehicle manufacturers for the development of innovative electric vehicles, enhancement of energy efficiency, and optimisation of EV integrated system performance.

This MasterClass will provide participants from the industry, national laboratories and the academia with state-of-the-art overview and analysis of the current and emerging electric machine and drivetrain technologies. The course will be conducted by international leaders and local experts in electric machines, power conversion, electric drivetrain systems including the certification and homologation of the transportation system.

The MasterClass will also discuss the fundamentals of electromechanical actuation technology, including new and novel electric machine technologies, unique and one-off electric machine designed for specific applications in mind. In this MasterClass, different expert speakers will cover a range of machine design and configuration such as the axial flux permanent magnet machine, switched reluctance machine, vernier and variable reluctance electric machines. Participants will also be introduced to the available software tools to aid in the machine design and simulation.

The class will also delve into the principles of power conversion in electric drivetrains. Expert speakers will introduce different inverter technologies. This will include discussion of the inverter module design including the importance of proper thermal management. The expert speakers will also share insights into the practical considerations in the selection of suitable inverter and modules for your application. Case studies from the industry about the implementation of the inverter system (such as the inverter developed for the Tesla Model 3) will be presented by the renowned international speaker.

Lastly, the integration of the electric machine and inverter as a system in an electric drivetrain will be presented. The process of testing the electric drivetrain system leading to the certification including the homologation process will be covered by expert speakers from TÜV SÜD.


Watch our webinar video held on 14 Dec 2020 to learn more about this course.

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Applying Electric Machines for Electromobility FD 19 Jan 2022 - 21 Jan 2022

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