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Business Strategy Beyond I4
This MasterClass is part of the training portfolio offered under SIMTech Manufacturing Control Tower™ (MCT™) Programme.

Industry 4.0 has proven to help manufacturers significantly improve flexibility, productivity, quality & speed across their supply chains, as well as create additional revenue streams from new business offerings. With a continually growing number of new and evolving technologies many find Industry 4.0 to be an overwhelming topic and struggle to develop a sound Industry 4.0 strategy, much less a sound business strategy that sees beyond Industry 4.0.

In this 2-day MasterClass, our industrial experts will share with the participants how to create a Industry 4.0 business strategy that covers the human resource, finance, cost, marketing and areas that are outside of manufacturing but are essential factors to bring success or failure to the company.

Scope of the MasterClass

Wave 1 Wave 2 
  • Understand: Why the company is not able to have a good business strategy
  • Hands-on Toolkits: Action plan
  • Greater Business Agility: Learn I4.0 Toolset
  • Hands-on Toolkits: Action plan

Course Outline
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Business Strategy Beyond Industry 4.0  

Note: The MasterClasses are FULL DAY programmes unless stated otherwise.