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Design Optimisation for AM

3D additive manufacturing (3D AM) technologies are increasingly adopted as an alternative to traditional manufacturing methods as the process offers significant advantages. AM enables the creation of highly complex components and realises lightweight strategies while increasing components’ performance.

To fully tap into the lightweight, high-performance potential of AM, one must consider many factors, including the degree of design freedom or the design of the component based on its intended use. Design optimisation, a systematic process to achieve the ‘best’ design relative to a set of constraints and criteria, can be applied to create new advanced structural geometries and to optimise components’ strength, reliability, efficiency as well as utilisation.

Providing a holistic understanding of design optimisation process methodologies and related numerical techniques, this 3-day MasterClass provides participants with an in-depth understanding of finite element analysis, optimisation algorithms and software capabilities. Participants will advance their theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience in the design optimisation process. By the end of the MasterClass, they will be able to make decisions, provide guidance and supervision in optimising and customising product design.

Why This Course

  • Topics are targeted at specific competencies required in 3D AM design and optimisation
  • Sequence of teaching is aligned to design evaluation, optimisation for 3D AM manufacturing and final design validation
  • Creates holistic understanding of 3D AM design flow and in-depth understanding of individual subject matters
  • Discussion is based on design validation and optimisation of 3D AM products case study approach combined with relevant theory to make learning effective and interesting
  • Live demonstration and hands-on sessions with optimisation software to reinforce understanding

What You Will Learn
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Design Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing

Note: The MasterClasses are FULL DAY programmes unless stated otherwise.