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Jointly organised with: BCG Global
This MasterClass is part of the training portfolio offered under SIMTech Manufacturing Control Tower™ (MCT™) Programme.

For decades, manufacturers have relied on lean principles to reduce waste in operations and improve productivity. Lean principles allow manufacturers to streamline their operations with standardised processes, continuous improvement, and the empowerment of shop floor workers. Industry 4.0 has added a new dimension of opportunity but also another layer of complexity to achieving operational excellence.

Many run into the common pitfall of digitising waste by failing to ensure strong processes are in place before using technology to enhance them. Whilst Industry 4.0 will surely bring manufacturers an abundance of benefits alone, those who can create synergies with Lean will emerge frontrunners. With a better understanding how Lean and Industry 4.0 can complement each other and the importance of strong leadership, real impact can be achieved.

The MasterClass draws from Boston Consulting Group’s Industry 4.0 Enablement Curriculum. This course is tailored for the Singapore industry, and will be conducted in a unique, immersive learning environment – Model Factory@SIMTech.

Scope of the Masterclass

  • Refresh on the fundamentals of best lean practices to give yourself the strongest starting platform for your digital transformation
  • Learn the many relationships between Lean and Industry 4.0 to find optimal synergies which support a comprehensive implementation roadmap
With many battle proven tools, we help you build a ready-to-use toolkit supporting you as a leader to successfully govern and realise lasting business improvements.

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Greater Benefits when LEAN meets I4.0

Note: The MasterClasses are FULL DAY programmes unless stated otherwise.