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Logistics and Supply Chain
Jointly organised with: BCG Global
This MasterClass is part of the training portfolio offered under SIMTech Manufacturing Control Tower™ (MCT™) Programme.

Business leaders and supply chain practitioners are facing ever increasing challenges, such as increased complexity, tighter regulations and greater uncertainty surrounding international trade policies. At the same time, leaders must find ways to transform their supply chains into a source of growth and competitive advantage.

Although many companies have started to use digital supply technologies, common pain points, such as the poor end-to-end visibility, disconnectivity of disparate systems, inability to process large amounts of data effectively or the lack of focus on value creation, among other issues have prevented them from realizing the full potential of their supply chain.

A recent study by BCG has shown that leaders in Digital Supply on average are able to increase product availability by up to 10%, achieve more than 25% faster response times to changes in the market and 30% better realisation of working capital reduction. Learn about the benefits of different use cases and how you can chart your course to realise this potential.

The MasterClass draws from the Boston Consulting Group’s deep experience in advising leading companies on their Digital Supply Chain journey. This course is tailored for the Singapore industry, and will be conducted in a unique, immersive learning environment – Model Factory@SIMTech.

Scope of the Masterclass

  • Learn about the latest advance and use cases in I4.0-enabled Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Envision and start planning on how to integrate digital supply chain into your overall Digital and Industry 4.0 roadmap

Course Outline
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Responsive I4.0-enabled Logistics and Supply Chain


Note: The MasterClasses are FULL DAY programmes unless stated otherwise.