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Supply Chain Analytics
Co-organised with: i-Cognitive

Data Analytics enables companies to simplify data and gain deeper insights into their business operations to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and gain competitive advantages. Increasingly, companies are making use of Data Analytics to make better-informed business decisions. Data Analytics can help your company remain competitive by helping you better understand your business, anticipate untapped opportunities and even suggest actions that best suit your company based on forecasted scenarios.

In Supply Chain Management, there are three different application levels of Data Analytics:

  • Descriptive Supply Chain Analytics – describes current business situation based on historical data. This involves basic query, reporting and visualisation of data.
  • Predictive Supply Chain Analytics – mining of historical data to indicate patterns of future situations and behaviours.
  • Prescriptive Supply Chain Analytics – making use of the results of Predictive Analytics to suggest actions that take best advantage of the predicted scenario.

This Supply Chain Analytics MasterClass equips participants with the knowledge of the latest Supply Chain Analytics technologies and analytics skills via hands-on lessons, with the use of actual business data. The practical sessions will help participating companies better understand their businesses and develop data-driven solutions to improve productivity and customer service satisfaction.

Supply Chain Analytics can be applied in various decision-making areas in a company:

  • Planning Optimisation – Product category optimisation, Omni-channel optimisation, Make or Buy decisions
  • Sourcing Decision Making – Supplier performance analysis, Supplier risk profile analysis
  • Manufacturing Optimisation – Production scheduling prioritisation, Capacity management, Quality optimisation, Production cost analysis
  • Distribution and Order Fulfilment – Distribution network optimisation, Cost savings, Customer segmentation

Upon Completion, You Will Gain:

  • Better understanding of how Supply Chain Analytics improves business operations
  • Better understanding of Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Supply Chain Analytics
  • Better articulation of the value of Supply Chain Analytics to management and peers
  • Knowledge on applying analytics to your company’s data to discover business insights, predict future scenarios with specified business objectives, identify performance gaps and build prescriptive solutions


Watch our webinar video held on 2 Mar 2021 to learn more about this MasterClass.

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Supply Chain Analytics - Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
FD  7 Mar 2022 - 8 Mar 2022

Nov 2021 intake is cancelled.

Note: The MasterClasses are FULL DAY programmes unless stated otherwise.