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Value of Quantifying and Communicating Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is an effective Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for communicating a company’s environmental and sustainability performance. It is also an ideal tool for translating a company’s contributions and achievements of adopting green practices and technologies. Carbon footprint assessment reflects the factors impacting a company’s bottom-line, like energy consumption, materials utilisation and waste management. Increasing pressure from investors, governments, and customers is making carbon footprint assessment critical for any company pursuing sustainability.

In order to meet the busy schedules of professionals, SIMTech has launched the Integrated Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology Programme to train industry professionals to assess and communicate their organization’s carbon footprint. At the end of the course, participants will be equipped with both the methodology and hands-on experiences to assess their company’s carbon footprint in compliance with international standards, and effectively communicate their eco-performance.

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This module is designed to help companies train their managers, engineers and consultants to become skilled in carbon footprint quantification and communication.

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Apply Integrated Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology

Please register for this course under 1. Modular Programmes > 2. Apply Integrated Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology (i-CARE) in the online registration form.

Note: Received registrations are placed on the waiting list for the next upcoming intake if the current intake is full or there is no available course schedule.


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Apply Integrated Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology (i-CARE) (40 hours) TGS-2018502745
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