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Perform Integrated Forming Process Technology for Metals

This course module aims at providing students with knowledge on precision metal forming for achieving near-net shapes with high accuracy components. Primary objectives of the programme are to improve the competence and competitiveness of personnel in Singapore-based companies with in-house metal forming as an integrated process in their manufacturing lines; or companies specialising in the commercial manufacturing of metal components such as for metal stamping and forging. A second objective is to give personnel a competency base to put Singapore at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art precision metal forming processes like combined stamping and forging of highly complex components and spin forming of hard-to-form materials such as Ni-based alloys, advanced simulation for metal forming and the use of liquid forging to produce cost effective preforms.

The program provides critical knowledge in topics such as various bulk and sheet metal forming processes, application and execution of forming process design, tooling design, material selection and characterisation, heat treatment and metallurgy, as well as metal forming simulation and process development for achieving parts with high accuracy and optimum quality. It also includes advanced forming techniques, such as combined stamping and forging for sheet bulk metal forming of complex geometries, and spin forming of high strength hard-to-deform materials, and liquid forging to produce near-net shaped preforms for subsequent forming processes.

Why This Course

  • Essential knowledge in various metal forming processes
  • New technology advancements and business trends in precision metal forming processes
  • Highly practical and intensive course taught by expert trainers with industrial experience
  • Case studies highlighting industrial applications

Who Should Attend

This course is catered to CEOs, general managers, R&D managers, team leaders, research fellows and engineers who work in metal forming. It would also prove beneficial to suppliers and purchasers, tool designers, technical sales reps and anyone who is seeking an overview of the latest techniques in precision metal forming processes with a focus on near-net shape forming.

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Perform Integrated Forming Process Technology for Metals

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