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SGUS for Industrial Automation

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What is SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme?

The SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme which opens for unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans and Permanent Residents is a full-time Train & Place programme of 9 months duration. Trainees will also receive a training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of the programme to cover basic subsistence expenses.

SIMTech's Knowledge Transfer Office has 8 certifiable course specialisations. We are also the only training provider with 4 SGUS specialisations that offers trainees with a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering upon completion.

Applications for the SGUS courses are ongoing and each intake will commence once there are sufficient registrations to form a class!

Important Note: In order to provide opportunities for as many Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents as possible, individuals can only enrol in a SGUnited Skills Programme ONCE.

Skills Course Reference: TGS-2020508864

Programme Introduction

Amid the economic downturn due to the current pandemic, more companies are taking up the government’s incentives and preparing themselves to take part in advanced manufacturing. Robotics and automation, being critical enabler for productivity gains, is becoming more in-demand across a wide range of industries, especially in the era of low touch economy. Moreover, rapid advances in robotic technologies provide even greater possibilities for huge business benefits. Against this backdrop, many companies are seeking people who not only understand the fundamentals of robotics and automation, but can also apply the state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the desired results effectively.

For this course, we have packaged 9 essential subject modules, starting from a set of skilled-based modules to equip the participants with the necessary technical skills in robotics and automation, up to the modules that focus on planning and assessing the targeted processes for effective automation solution implementation. The overall objective is to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skills in advanced robotics and automation technologies, including intuitive robotic programming, mobile robot navigation and localisation; sensor-guided robotic pick-and-place; ROS application; and automaton design and simulation.

About the Programme

This programme consists of 9 training modules. By completing this programme successfully, the participants will be awarded a full Graduate Diploma qualification in Precision Engineering, with specialisation in Industrial Automation, and a Certificate of Attendance (COA) in Automation Assessment and Adoption.

A lab-based practise training module and 2 project-based training modules are designed to provide the unique opportunities to the participants to learn and apply the competencies for planning, selecting and implementing robotics and automation systems, including highly practical course content delivered intensively and interactively, state-of-the-art automation technology and solutions, case studies highlighting industrial applications, and real-world projects to enhance participants’ skills in planning & managing for robotic systems.


Watch our series of SGUS Course Briefings to understand more about each specialisation.

Watch here

Benefits for Trainees


List of Modules

Technical Skills Modules ("LEARN & PRACTISE")

Apply Robotics for Manufacturing Automation
Automation Components and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing
Control in Automation Systems
Automation Design and Simulation
Plan and Manage Project for Implementation
Automation Assessment and Adoption

Practical Modules ("Implement")

Lab-based Practise Training
Project-based Training for Implementation (M1); and
Project-based Training for Implementation (M2)

Pre-Requisites and Nett Course Fee

Pre-Requisites and Nett Course Fee

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