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SGUS for Operation Management and Innovation


What is SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme?

The SGUnited Skills (SGUS) programme which are offered to unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans and Permanent Residents is a full-time Train & Place programme of 9 months duration. Trainees will also receive a training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of the programme to cover basic subsistence expenses.

SIMTech's Knowledge Transfer Office has 7 certifiable course specialisations. We are also the only training provider with 4 SGUS specialisations that offers trainees with a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering upon completion.

Skills Course Reference:  TGS-2020508866

Programme Introduction

This SGUS for Operation Management and Innovation is to train key personnel, engineers, managers and senior staff of companies, to be technology innovators to achieve manufacturing excellence. This is accomplished by promoting the use of operations management techniques and technologies that support a company's strategy and productivity improvement.

The programme will be delivered in an innovated Learn-Practise-Implement training model, consisting of classroom training and mentorship for onsite identification of operations improvement areas, and generation of suitable initiatives and development of implementation action plan for productivity improvements.

About the Programme

This programme consists of 10 training modules, offering a set of accredited manufacturing operation management methodologies and technologies including Operations Management Innovation Methodology (OmniMethodology™), LEAN, Data Analysis, Data Analytics Driven Inventory Management, Resource Scheduling, and Production Planning & Scheduling for Smart Manufacturing, which are proven effective through highly successful applications in various sectors of the manufacturing industry.

The programme is enhanced with a lab-based practise training module and 2 project-based training modules to provide unique opportunities to the participants to learn and apply the knowledge and skills for utilisation in the workplace for productivity improvement.


Watch our series of SGUS Course Briefings to understand more about each specialisation.

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Benefits for Trainees


List of Modules

Technical Skills Modules ("Learn & Practice")

Apply Operations Improvement Fundamentals
Implement Manufacturing Data Mining Techniques
Implement LEAN Manufacturing
Data Analytics Driven Inventory Planning
Production Planning & Scheduling for Smart Manufacturing
Resource Scheduling For Service Industries
Sensorisation for Brownfield Connectivity

Practical Modules ("Implement")

Lab-based Practise Training
Project-based Training for Implementation (M1); and
Project-based Training for Implementation (M2)

Pre-Requisites and Nett Course Fee

Pre-Requisites and Nett Course Fee

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