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SGUS for Smart Machining and Digitalisation

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What is SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme?

The SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme which opens for unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans and Permanent Residents is a full-time Train & Place programme of 9 months duration. Trainees will also receive a training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of the programme to cover basic subsistence expenses.

SIMTech's Knowledge Transfer Office has 8 certifiable course specialisations. We are also the only training provider with 4 SGUS specialisations that offers trainees with a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering upon completion.

Applications for the SGUS courses are ongoing and each intake will commence once there are sufficient registrations to form a class!

Important Note: In order to provide opportunities for as many Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents as possible, individuals can only enrol in a SGUnited Skills Programme ONCE.

Skills Course Reference: TGS-2020508869

Programme Introduction

In the era of digitalisation, manufacturing plants worldwide have progressively transformed and no longer operate in the old traditional way. Demanding customers are setting up a higher expectation of end products with higher accuracy and excellent surface finishing yet lower cost. This only can be done through smart machining and digitalisation with less human intervention.

Companies have to expand their business beyond Singapore; this means more travelling yet at the same time being able to manage and monitor their plant offsite. Thus, it is essential to transform themselves towards smart digitalisation, and high-value precision manufacturing technology couple with Industry 4.0.

Given this trend and to align with the government drive towards digitalisation and a smart nation, this course is specially tailored-made to equip you with the essential knowledge and skill set ready to serve your future employer effectively to lessen the machine downtime through Equipment Condition Monitoring; and to reduce operation costs with Overall Equipment Effectiveness; also to manage Operation Excellence and stay competitive in producing superior quality parts with knowledge transfer touches on Data Mining for Correlation Analysis and Dimensional Measurements & Metrology.

About the Programme

This programme consists of 10 training modules and is enhanced with a lab-based practise training module supported with state-of-the-art smart machining equipment and 2 project-based training modules to provide unique opportunities to the participants to learn and apply the knowledge and skills for workplace utilisation and implementation.

Below links are for SGUS for Smart Machining and Digitalisation course only:

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Watch our series of SGUS Course Briefings to understand more about each specialisation.

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Benefits for Trainees


List of Modules

Technical Skills Modules ("Learn & Practise")

Apply Surface Enhancement and Finishing Technologies
Dimensional Measurements and Metrology
Improve Machining Productivity through Dynamics Analysis and Simulation
Advanced Smart Machining Technology
Data Mining for Correlation Analysis (DM-LITE)
IIoT-enabled Equipment Condition Monitoring and Alert (IECOM)
Overall Equipment Effectiveness Fundamentals & Calculation (OEE-LITE)

Practical Modules ("Implement")

Lab-based Practise Training
Project-based Training for Implementation (M1); and
Project-based Training for Implementation (M2)

Pre-Requisites and Nett Course Fee

Pre-Requisites and Nett Course Fee

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